Majid Sarmadi

Professor at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

roles: Education

industry: Textiles

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States



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ROLES: Education (Professor)

University Of Wisconsin-Madison

1986 — Present ∙︎ 38 years

About University Of Wisconsin-Madison


Higher Education

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ROLES: Education (Professor)

Culture Ventures International

1986 — Present ∙︎ 38 years


Virgina Tech

DEGREE: doctorates, doctor of philosophy

1980 – 1986

University Of Wisconsin - Madison ∙︎ Madison, WI

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: sustainability

DEGREE: doctorates, doctor of philosophy

1986 – 2017


public speaking


higher education

community outreach



molecular biology

grant writing



program development



event planning


strategic planning



social media

FAQ about Majid Sarmadi

What information can be found in our database regarding Majid Sarmadi?

Majid Sarmadi is a male. He is based in Madison, WI.

What is the name of the company where Majid Sarmadi works?

He is employed by University Of Wisconsin-Madison, a higher education company with a current staff of 10001+.

What is his occupation?

It is reported that he is employed as a professor and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: education, professor.

What college did he attend?

Majid Sarmadi is a Virgina Tech graduate. He went to college in 1980 - 1986.

What are the fields that he has work experience in?

He worked in these fields: textiles and higher education.

Is any information available about the people Majid Sarmadi works with?

The following people work for the same company as him: Bjorn Eraker, a professor; Suchun Zhang, a professor; Jonathan Makielski, a professor; Sean Fain, a professor; Oguzhan Alagoz, a professor; Xinyu Zhao, a professor; Lee Wandel, a professor; David Bohnhoff, a professor; Juan Depablo, a professor; Giri Venkataramanan, a professor; Matt Hitchman, a professor; Clark Landis, a professor.

Is he skilled in public speaking?

He possesses public speaking skills along with 18 other professional skills.

What is Majid Sarmadi's work experience?

Majid Sarmadi worked for Culture Ventures International.

Is any information available about Majid Sarmadi's salary range?

Majid Sarmadi's salary range is $70,000-85,000. The salary information is based on the availability of data collected for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Majid Sarmadi's co-workers at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Bjorn Eraker


Madison, WI

Suchun Zhang


Madison, WI

Jonathan Makielski


Madison, WI

Sean Fain


Madison, WI

Oguzhan Alagoz


Madison, WI

Xinyu Zhao


Madison, WI

Lee Wandel


Madison, WI

David Bohnhoff


Madison, WI

Juan Depablo


Madison, WI

Giri Venkataramanan


Madison, WI

Matt Hitchman


Madison, WI

Clark Landis


Madison, WI

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The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

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Qinguo Fan

Carnegie Mellon University

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Boston, MA

Majid Sarmadi's former colleagues

Paul Haack

Professor Emeritus

University Of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN

Vincent Pelletier

Burlington, Vermont Area

Burlington, VT

Lorne Parker


Elearning Innovations

Stillwater, OK

Rosalie Mcdermid

Kelso, WA

John Little

Fayetteville, NC

Brian Joiner

Volunteer In Sustainability

Community Volunteer

Madison, WI

Ron Oliveira

Roseburg, OR

Joann Elder

Madison, WI

Diane Papalia


Independent Publishing Professional

New York, NY

Leonard Massie

Madison, WI

Colleagues in the industry: Textiles

Honger Zhong

Madison, WI

Kate Morrick

Fiber And Material Studies Master Of Fine Arts Candidate, New Artist Society Scholar

School Of Th

Madison, WI

Morgan Baima

Chief Executive Officer


Madison, WI

Mitchell Hubbard

Returns Analyst

Summit Golf Brands

Madison, WI

Sunny Sommer

School Teacher

Hanes Industries

Madison, WI

Kirk Kittleson

Sales Representative

Logo Promotions

Madison, WI

Russell Spear

Regional General Manager


Madison, WI

Pat Lagodney


Susan's Fiber Shop

Madison, WI

Cathy Lundgren

Customer Service

Uniroyal Engineered Products

Madison, WI

Liz Nickerson


Lands' End

Madison, WI

Matthew Edwardson


Kayser Automotive Group

Madison, WI

Becky Tauschek

Regional Vice President

Shaw Industries

Madison, WI

Majid Sarmadi's fellow alumni

Alex Newell

San Francisco, CA

Brenna O'dea

Chicago, IL

Chase Nulsen

Denver, CO

Ethan Frost

Madison, WI

Devon Pence

Los Angeles, CA

Conor Sullivan

Wichita, KS

Paul Sager

Middleton, WI

Morgan Conaway

Madison, WI

Kendall Schoenike

Milwaukee, WI

Cameron Evans

Madison, WI

Elly Eggen

Madison, WI

Kate Melin

Madison, WI

People with the same major as Majid Sarmadi

Teresa Radermacher

Leadership, Sustainability, Sustainability Studies

Paul Oviatt

Sustainability, Environmental Studies

Melissa Luciano


Daniel Opfer

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Leadership, Energy, Design, Sustainability

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Justin Kinkade


Kate O'flaherty


Keith Cunningham


Reginald Jackson

Sustainability, Business

Gloria Cascante


Professionals with similar skills as Majid Sarmadi

Seth Emery

Clinical Laboratory Scientist at Exact Sciences

Skills: biochemistry, community outreach, event planning, fundraising, higher education and 7 more

Amber Zhou

Chapter Social Chair at Graduate Women In Science

Skills: biochemistry, community outreach, event planning, fundraising, molecular biology and 3 more

John Hackney

Consultant at Resource Engineering Associates, Inc.

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, marketing, molecular biology, nonprofits and 3 more

Bill Uw-Madison

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, grant writing, higher education, molecular biology and 3 more

Rastafa Geddes

Ladder Program Facilatator at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Skills: biochemistry, community outreach, grant writing, higher education, molecular biology and 3 more

Ian Johnson

Chief Scientific Officer at Cultured Decadence

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, event planning, leadership, molecular biology and 2 more

Nicholas Arp

Mstp Trainee at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Skills: biochemistry, community outreach, event planning, fundraising, leadership and 2 more

Aseem Ansari

Department Chair And R J Ulrich Endowed Chair at Chemical Biology & Therapeutics St Jude Children's Research Hospital

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, higher education, molecular biology, public speaking and 2 more

Elizabeth Bayne

Graduate Research Assistant at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Skills: biochemistry, community outreach, event planning, fundraising, public speaking and 2 more

Piper Rawding

Improvement Engineer at Trinseo

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, fundraising, grant writing, nonprofits and 2 more

Natalie Wietfeldt

Medical Student at Saba University School Of Medicine

Skills: biochemistry, biotechnology, event planning, molecular biology, public speaking and 2 more

David Nelson

Associate Scientist at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

Skills: biochemistry, fundraising, grant writing, molecular biology, public speaking and 2 more

People with the same inferred salary ($70,000-85,000)

Adam Yeazel

Court Support Specialist at Abc Legal Services

Madison, WI

Aaron Jenson

Warehouse Manager at Giftpro

Madison, WI

Adam Althoff

Area Sales Manager at Abs Global

Madison, WI

Adrian Grimes

Senior Medical Writer at Mms Holdings Inc.

Madison, WI

Adrienne Rich

Assistant Curator Of Education at Chazen Museum Of Art

Madison, WI

Adam Paul

Sales Engineer at Integrated Process Engineers & Constructors (Ipec)

Madison, WI

Abdul Alkozai

Web Developer at Yweb

Madison, WI

Aidan Jarvis

Case Manager at Attic Correctional Services, Inc.

Madison, WI

Aileen Del Rosario

Team Lead at Bmo Harris Bank

Madison, WI

Aaron Motl

Sales Engineer at Mec

Madison, WI

Aaron Mann

Assistant Vice President - Strategic Partnerships at Change Healthcare

Madison, WI

A.j Vedvig

General Manager at All Metals Recycling

Madison, WI