Lori Kendall

Operations Analyst at Pnc

roles: Operations

industry: Financial Services

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Type: Personal

About Lori Kendall


Kettering, Ohio, United States



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Operations Analyst

ROLES: Operations


Apr 2018 — Present ∙︎ 6 years 2 months

About Pnc


Pittsburgh, PA


Financial Services

Company size





Kendall Household

Jul 2008 — Apr 2018 ∙︎ 9 years 9 months

Mortgage Officer


1996 — 2008 ∙︎ 12 years

About Pnc


Pittsburgh, PA


Financial Services

Company size





Sinclair Community College ∙︎ Dayton, OH

Post-secondary institution

Fairmont High School

Secondary school

FAQ about Lori Kendall

What general information is available in our database about Lori Kendall?

Lori Kendall is a female. Now, she lives in Kettering, OH.

What’s the name of the company Lori Kendall works for?

Based on our records, she works for Pnc, a financial services industry company founded in 2014 that currently employs 10001+ people.

What is Lori Kendall's occupation?

It is known that she is an operations analyst and pursues a career in operations.

Did she attend college?

She attended Sinclair Community College.

Which professional fields did Lori Kendall work in?

She has experience in the following field: financial services.

Who else works at the company Lori Kendall is employed by?

Lori Kendall works with Thomas Sullivan, a human resources system solution analyst senior; Lawrence Simmons, a banker; Elijah Hall, a loan servicing specialist; Greg Shagovac, a vice president and credit officer and senior portfolio manager; Teresa Leborgne, a teller supervisor; Kimberly Anderson, a teller; Stacei White, a teller; Phil Hock, a data expert; Joyce Joseph, a consultant; Nathaniel Orr, a teller; Julie Kalish, a recruiter; Samantha Clark, an universal branch specialist.

Where did Lori Kendall work before the current job?

Lori Kendall had a job at 2 companies — Kendall Household and Pnc.

How much does Lori Kendall earn per month?

According to our records, Lori Kendall's monthly income is $55,000-70,000. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Lori Kendall's co-workers at Pnc

Thomas Sullivan

Human Resources System Solution Analyst Senior

Boardman, OH

Lawrence Simmons


Akron, OH

Elijah Hall

Loan Servicing Specialist

Bowling Green, OH

Greg Shagovac

Vice President And Credit Officer And Senior Portfolio Manager

Avon, OH

Teresa Leborgne

Teller Supervisor

Akron, OH

Kimberly Anderson


Akron, OH

Stacei White


Akron, OH

Phil Hock

Data Expert

Avon Lake, OH

Joyce Joseph


Aurora, OH

Nathaniel Orr


Akron, OH

Julie Kalish


Avon Lake, OH

Samantha Clark

Universal Branch Specialist

Bethel, OH

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Danielle Dailey

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Jennifer Boyd

J.p. Morgan

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Jeanne Shipley

Jpmorgan Chase & Co.

Clinton, OH

Lori Kendall's former colleagues

Michael Hanks

Louisville, KY

Tom Decker

Vice President Of Commercial Banking

Peoples Bank

Newark, OH

Rich Hartmann

Stonier Graduate School Of Banking At The

Philadelphia, PA

Kathy Lapolla

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Ac Moore

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Cincinnati, OH

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Boonsboro, MD

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Philadelphia, PA

Kim Mills

Sales Assistant

Mid Penn Bank

Duncannon, PA

Vanita Hart

Accreditation Consultant

Better Business Bureau Louisville Kentucky

Louisville, KY

Michael Colantonio

Havertown, PA

Rina Coulter

Market Leader And Assistant Vice President


Lancaster, PA

Harmine Edney

Lansdowne, PA

Colleagues in the industry: Financial Services

Ron Solada

Financial Advisor Aamsâ

Edward Jones

Kettering, OH

Joyce Ballmann

Loan Officer, Primelending


Kettering, OH

Abby Hall

Consumer Loan Manager

Day Air Credit Union

Kettering, OH

Laura Porter

Consumer Marketing Manager

Synchrony Financial

Kettering, OH

Ian Younce

Owner And Operator

Friends With Photos

Kettering, OH

Gloria Richardson

Kettering, OH

Ronda Brouwer

Fraud Representative

Synchrony Financial

Kettering, OH

Antowoine Winters

Financial Planner

Next Steps Financial Planning, Llc

Kettering, OH

Grant Macdonald

Lake Michigan College

Kettering, OH

Jim Braaksma

Lead For Monitoring And Testing For Independent Risk Management

Jpmorgan Chase & Co.

Kettering, OH

Lori Keighley

Senior Sales Associate

Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors, Dayton

Kettering, OH

Jeremy Evans

Portfolio Control Manager

Synchrony Financial

Kettering, OH

Lori Kendall's fellow alumni

Hervey Berry

Livonia, MI

Ron Clarke

Dayton, OH

Steven Langdon

Springfield, OH

Ron Weekley

Miamisburg, OH

Reegt Lisa Hannahan

Clearwater, FL

Mike Waggoner

Dayton, OH

Debbie Brewer

Bellbrook, OH

Mary Cook

Washington, DC

Robert Bowers

Columbus, OH

Ronald Mock

Dayton, OH

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International Regulatory Affairs at W. L. Gore & Associates

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First Assistant Manager at Arbys

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Rebecca Feldbush

Owner And Graphic Designer at Buckeyegrrl Designs

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Jonathan Waldron

Occupational Therapy Assistant at Abc Pediatric Therapy Network

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Laura Kendall

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