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Chicago Chapter at American Association Of Blacks In Energy

industry: Oil & Energy

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Chicago, Illinois, United States


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Chicago Chapter

American Association Of Blacks In Energy

2010 — Present ∙︎ 14 years

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Washington, DC


Oil & Energy

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FAQ about Aabe Chapter

What general information about Aabe Chapter is available?

Their current place of residence is in Chicago, IL.

Which company does Aabe Chapter work for?

According to public records, Aabe Chapter has a job with American Association Of Blacks In Energy, a oil & energy company created in 1977 with a total staff of 1-10.

What is Aabe Chapter's occupation?

Aabe Chapter is employed as a chicago chapter.

Does Aabe Chapter have an academic degree?

No college records for Aabe Chapter have been found.

What are the industries that Aabe Chapter has experience in?

Aabe Chapter has expertise in the following area: oil & energy.

Who else is an employee at the company where Aabe Chapter works?

According to our database, these people are also employed by American Association Of Blacks In Energy: Paula Glover, a chief executive officer; Felicia Kelly, a director, member services and events; Krislyn Smithson, a membership coordinator; Pauline Cyr, an office manager; Arnetta Mcrae, a president and chief executive officer; Pauline Cyr, an office manager at american association of blacks in energy; Leslie Palmore, a president.

What's Aabe Chapter's inferred monthly income?

The information about Aabe Chapter's salary range is unknown.

Aabe Chapter's co-workers at American Association Of Blacks In Energy

Paula Glover

Chief Executive Officer

Washington, DC

Felicia Kelly

Director, Member Services And Events

Washington, DC

Krislyn Smithson

Membership Coordinator

Washington, DC

Pauline Cyr

Office Manager

Washington, DC

Arnetta Mcrae

President And Chief Executive Officer

Wilmington, DE

Pauline Cyr

Office Manager At American Association Of Blacks In Energy

Hyattsville, MD

Leslie Palmore


Columbus, OH

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Aabe Chapter's former colleagues

Carla Walker-Miller

President And Chief Executive Officer

Walker-Miller Energy Services

Detroit, MI

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Loaned Executive

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Paula Glover

Chief Executive Officer

American Association Of Blacks In Energy

Washington, DC

Lakeesha Wilson

Executive Assistant

National Apartment Association

Washington, DC

Colleagues in the industry: Oil & Energy

Peter Wilbur

Chicago, IL

John Sawchuk

Chicago, IL

Howard Lee

Chicago, IL

Wayne Bollinger

Naperville Illinois

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