Aakanksha Dhelia

Owner at Cyntellex

level: Owner

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States



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LEVEL: Owner


FAQ about Aakanksha Dhelia

What general information is available about Aakanksha Dhelia?

Aakanksha Dhelia is a woman. She is a resident in Philadelphia, PA.

Which company does Aakanksha Dhelia work for?

She is known to work at Cyntellex.

What career does she pursue?

It is believed that she works as an owner. Based on the current information available, she has an owner level position.

Did she attend college?

No university records have been found in our database.

What are the fields that she has work experience in?

There is no information available regarding the professional areas in which she was employed.

Is there any information about the people working with Aakanksha Dhelia?

The information about Aakanksha's workmates is unknown.

What's Aakanksha Dhelia's inferred salary?

We found no information about Aakanksha Dhelia's monthly income range.

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People with similar names

Aakanksha Dhelia

Finance And It Project Coordinator

Philadelphia, PA