A Nicole Kutteh

Senior Internal Auditor at Bose Corporation

level: Senior

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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Senior Internal Auditor

LEVEL: Senior

Bose Corporation

Oct 2018 — Present ∙︎ 5 years 9 months

About Bose Corporation


Framingham, MA


Consumer Electronics

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Boston University ∙︎ Boston, MA

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

2011 – 2015

FAQ about A Nicole Kutteh

Which information is available in our database regarding A Nicole Kutteh?

They are from Boston, MA.

Which company or organization does A Nicole Kutteh work with?

A Nicole Kutteh is currently employed at Bose Corporation, a consumer electronics industry organization created in 1964 with a total of 5001-10000 employees.

What is A Nicole Kutteh's profession?

A Nicole Kutteh works as a senior internal auditor. A's job level is senior.

Is A Nicole Kutteh a college graduate?

A Nicole Kutteh studied Boston University. A attended college from 2011 to 2015.

What are the fields that A Nicole Kutteh has professional experience in?

A Nicole Kutteh worked for the following industry: consumer electronics.

Is any information available about employees at the company A Nicole Kutteh works for?

A Nicole Kutteh's colleagues are Flavio Jesuino, a deli cook; Bibi Tay, a csr; Daniel Olszewski, a big data analyst; Stephanie Wright, a data steward; Susana Claro, an account specialist; Patty Gerber, a business systems analyst; Ivan Melnikov, an android software engineer ii; Robert Nordstrom, a corporate industrial engineering manager at bose corporation; David Schuler, a chief intellectual property counsel; Payam Parsinejad, a dsp software engineer coop; Diana Thorpe, a business process and testing lead - workday; Adam Sharp, a creative technologist.

Is any information available about A Nicole Kutteh's salary range?

A Nicole Kutteh's inferred salary is $70,000-85,000. This information is provided based on the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

A Nicole Kutteh's co-workers at Bose Corporation

Flavio Jesuino

Deli Cook

Boston, MA

Bibi Tay


Boston, MA

Daniel Olszewski

Big Data Analyst

Boston, MA

Stephanie Wright

Data Steward

Boston, MA

Susana Claro

Account Specialist

Boston, MA

Patty Gerber

Business Systems Analyst

Boston, MA

Ivan Melnikov

Android Software Engineer Ii

Boston, MA

Robert Nordstrom

Corporate Industrial Engineering Manager At Bose Corporation

Boston, MA

David Schuler

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel

Boston, MA

Payam Parsinejad

Dsp Software Engineer Coop

Boston, MA

Diana Thorpe

Business Process And Testing Lead - Workday

Boston, MA

Adam Sharp

Creative Technologist

Boston, MA

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Dartmouth College

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Santander Bank, N.a.

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Martha Fitch

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Eliassen Group

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Fabian Moreno

Senior Supervisor Of Customer Service

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Lawrence Jones

Senior Business Systems Analyst

Suffolk Construction

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Robert Levasseur

Senior Underwriter, Management Liability


Boston, MA

Shiufun Cheung

Senior Dsp Engineer

Bose Corporation

Boston, MA

Alexander Titov

Senior Accountant

Fractyl Laboratories Inc.

Boston, MA

Jessica Eatherly

Senior Investigator

First Republic Bank

Boston, MA

Jamie Lionetto

Senior Actuarial Analyst

Willis Towers Watson

Boston, MA

Jack Teoli

Senior Vice President

Haverhill Bank

Boston, MA

A Nicole Kutteh's former colleagues

Ruth Fairbanks-Harper

Administrative Assistant

Montgomery County Aging And Adult Services

Phoenixville, PA

Ed Mims

Senior Vice President - Sales And Marketing

Ecoproducts 1 Corp

Austin, TX

Robert Maesto

Business Owner

Vienna Test Mastery

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The Inventing Shed

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Design Consultant And Sales


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Nancy Nangeroni


Nangeroni Design

Albuquerque, NM

Karen Hughes

Financial Systems Manager

Boston College

Boston, MA

Don Coley

Principal And Advisor And Consultant

Don Coley And Associates

Eden Prairie, MN

A Nicole Kutteh's fellow alumni

Bob Anderson

Delray Beach, FL

Minzhe Chen

Boston, MA

Lilcay Zoe

Boston, MA

Priya Shah

Denver, CO

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Somerville, MA

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San Diego, CA

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Licsw Cindy Coite

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Recruitment Consultant at Recruitometry

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Principal Research Scientist at Northeastern University

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People with similar names

A Nicole Kutteh

Risk Advisory Services Staff

Boston, MA