A James Short

Merchandiser at Ccbcc

industry: Graphic Design

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About A James Short


Nashville, Tennessee, United States



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2012 — Present ∙︎ 12 years

FAQ about A James Short

Which infomation is available in our database about A James Short?

A James Short is a man. He now resides in Nashville, TN.

Which company does he work for?

He is known to be an employee at Ccbcc.

What is A James Short’s profession?

He is reported to be employed as a merchandiser.

Which university did he attend?

We couldn't find any information about his college education.

What are the professional fields that A James Short has been involved in?

He worked in this area: graphic design.

Who else is employed by the company he works at?

There is no information about A's workmates.

What are A James Short's inferred monthly earnings?

There is no publicly available information about A James Short's monthly income.

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