Aafreen Syed

Research Associate at Umass Memorial Medical Center

roles: Education

industry: Biotechnology

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Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States



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Research Associate

ROLES: Education (Researcher)

Umass Memorial Medical Center

2019 — Present ∙︎ 5 years

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North Worcester, MA


Hospital & Health Care

Company size


Research Experiencei N Biology

ROLES: Education (Researcher)

Framingham State University

2018 — Present ∙︎ 6 years

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Higher Education

Company size


Si Leader

LEVEL: Manager

Framingham State University

2017 — Present ∙︎ 7 years

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Higher Education

Company size


Biology Lab Assistant

ROLES: Education (Researcher)

Framingham State University

Sep 2016 — Present ∙︎ 7 years 8 months

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Higher Education

Company size


Retail Associate

Home Goods Retailer

Apr 2014 — 2016 ∙︎ 1 year 9 months

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Company size


Lab Technician

ROLES: Education (Researcher)

Hopkinton Drug

May 2018 — Present ∙︎ 6 years 0 months


Framingham State University ∙︎ Framingham, MA

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: biology

2014 – 2018



scientific writing

student leadership

statistics and data analysis

sales presentations

experimental research

FAQ about Aafreen Syed

What general information is available in our database about Aafreen Syed?

Aafreen Syed is a female. She resides in Hopkinton, MA.

What business is she employed by?

She works with Umass Memorial Medical Center, a company in the hospital & health care industry with a total staff of 10001+ members.

What career does she pursue?

It is known that she is a research associate and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: education, researcher.

Which university did she attend?

Aafreen Syed is a graduate of Framingham State University. She studied there in 2014 - 2018.

What are the professional fields that she has been involved in?

She has been employed in biotechnology, higher education and hospital & health care.

Who does Aafreen Syed work with?

It is reported that Aafreen Syed's workmates are Laura Houk, an assistant professor of dermatology; Cynthia Collette, a registered nurse; Dan Falkoff, a surgical technologist; Susan Emmerling, a registered nurse; Vina Pendse, a registered nurse; Barbara Cochran, a paralegal; Carrier Michelle, a customer service; Dawn Dellechiaie, a pta; Susan Lindberg, an accts receivable representative; Marta Forte, an administrative assistant.

Does she have professional teamwork competencies?

Yes, she has teamwork skills along with 5 other career skills.

What companies did Aafreen Syed work at previously?

Aafreen Syed had worked at 3 companies — Framingham State University, Home Goods Retailer, and Hopkinton Drug.

Is any information available about Aafreen Syed's salary range?

Our records show that Aafreen Syed's inferred salary is $45,000-55,000. This information is provided in accordance with the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aafreen Syed's co-workers at Umass Memorial Medical Center

Laura Houk

Assistant Professor Of Dermatology

Hopkinton, MA

Cynthia Collette

Registered Nurse

Hopkinton, MA

Dan Falkoff

Surgical Technologist

Hopkinton, MA

Susan Emmerling

Registered Nurse

Hopkinton, MA

Vina Pendse

Registered Nurse

Hopkinton, MA

Barbara Cochran


Blackstone, MA

Carrier Michelle

Customer Service

Auburn, MA

Dawn Dellechiaie


Ashby, MA

Susan Lindberg

Accts Receivable Representative

Boston, MA

Marta Forte

Administrative Assistant

Boston, MA

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Sophia Pete

Plateletbio Platelet Biogenesis

Hopkinton, MA

Omar Elbetanony

Farcast Biosciences

North Andover, MA

Maggy Bablouzian

Charles River Laboratories

Boston, MA

Cara O'connell

Cell Signaling Technology (Cst)

Boston, MA

Kavitha Sompalli

University Of Massachusetts

Boston, MA

Veenu Puri

Sanofi Genzyme

Boston, MA

William Martenis

Broad Institute

West Newton, MA

Charu Rewal


Suffolk County, MA

Noris Sola

Beam Therapeutics

Boston, MA

Susie Shi

University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Boston, MA

Veera Vyas

Immunogen, Inc.

Boston, MA

Aafreen Syed's former colleagues

Amanda Lucciarini

Case Manager

Westbay Community Action, Inc.

Milford, MA

Jillian Sullivan

Marketing Coordinator

Boston, MA

Kevin Keane

Procurement Systems Support Analyst

Boston, MA

Carrie Ozuna

Admissions Counselor

Salem State University

Framingham, MA

Kathleen Schipelliti

Graduate Registered Nurse

Boston, MA

Sharon Sears

Long Term Substitute Teacher

Boston, MA

Mackenzie Lyons

Assocaiate Tour Consultant

Ef Go Ahead Tours

Boston, MA

Kyle Lindholm

User Experience Product Design Lead

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Boston, MA

Alexandra Sartori


Persona, A Nestlé Health Science Company

Seattle, WA

Michael Terra

Product Specialist


Providence, RI

Laura Brathwaite

Patient Services Coordinator

Home Base, A Red Sox Foundation And Massachusetts General Hospital Program

Medford, MA

Desiree Gonzalez

Massachusetts School Of Law

Boston, MA

Colleagues in the industry: Biotechnology

Ninette Van Lingen

National Sales Manager

Fisher Clinical Services Thermofisher Scientific

Hopkinton, MA

Mike Kelly

Vice President, Cmc

Atsena Therapeutics

Hopkinton, MA

Shana Kelley

Principal Quality Digital Engineer

Sanofi Genzyme

Hopkinton, MA

Caleb Whitter

Senior It Analyst

Wave Life Sciences

Hopkinton, MA

Lauren Melton

Senior Director, Program Leader

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Hopkinton, MA

Michael Lukason

Principal Scientist

Crispr Therapeutics

Hopkinton, MA

Gary Jacques

Field Service Engineer At Perkinelmer, Inc

Perkinelmer, Inc.

Hopkinton, MA

Jared Pray

Head Of Commercialization And Us Market Access

Rhythm Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Hopkinton, MA

Umesh Rao

Principal Automation Engineer

Pall Life Sciences

Hopkinton, MA

Zj Li

Executive Director And Head, Biologics Analytical Development And Attribute Science

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Hopkinton, MA

John Mitchell

Hopkinton, MA

Pat Stouffer

Administrative Assistant

Sanofi Genzyme

Hopkinton, MA

Aafreen Syed's fellow alumni

Cecelia Hunt

Cleveland, OH

Mark Asemota

Haverhill, MA

Kyle Collins

Worcester, MA

Tony Ly

Randolph, MA

Kelsy Clark

Boston, MA

Robert Shea

Marshfield, MA

Kelechi Obika

Lowell, MA

Felipe Silveira

Northborough, MA

Laura Quayle

Carlisle, MA

Gabrielle Rupert

Framingham, MA

Shanzah Chaudhry

Boston, MA

People with the same major as Aafreen Syed

Veenu Khubnani


David Kubiak

Biology, Chemistry, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Emily Day

Biology, Neuroscience, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Amanda Donahue

Biology, Neuroscience, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Larry Larralde

Biology, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Nancy Gates

Biology, English, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

Marian Stroh

Biology, Bachelors

Patti Chiappetta

Biology, Bachelor Of Applied Science, Bachelors

Moses Howard

Leadership, Biology, Counseling, Chemistry, Doctorates, Masters, Bachelors, Doctor Of Philosophy

Professionals with similar skills as Aafreen Syed

Sandeep Apte

Sales Manager - North America at Eckert & Ziegler Ag

Skills: sales presentations, scientific writing

Lily Augustini

Teaching Assistant at Mgh Institute Of Health Professions

Skills: scientific writing, teamwork

Susan Emmerling

Registered Nurse at Umass Memorial Medical Center

Skills: scientific writing, teamwork

Julie Waxman

Independent Distributor at Juice Plus+ Health And Wellness, Uk And Worldwide

Skills: sales presentations

Jason Sweet

Senior Account Executive at Oracle Retail

Skills: sales presentations

James Borzumato

Vice President, Global Sales at Gutenberg Technology

Skills: sales presentations

Steve Thomas

Service Manager at Southern Bus & Mobility

Skills: sales presentations

David Sloan

Director Of Accounts at Nowspeed Digital Marketing Agency

Skills: sales presentations

Jackson Spellman

Unstructured Data Solutions Regional Territory Manager at Emc

Skills: sales presentations

Margaret Powers

Skills: sales presentations

Ted Toran

Chief Operations Officer at My Estate Concierge

Skills: sales presentations

Todd Bradley

Key Accounts And Market Expansion Manager At Philips at Philips

Skills: sales presentations

People with the same inferred salary ($45,000-55,000)

Robert Mcmann

Regional Account Director at Pinnacle Advertising

Hopkinton, MA

Steve Zale

Scientific Fellow at Lyndra

Hopkinton, MA

Georgia Kramer

Social Worker at Ma Department Of Children And Families

Hopkinton, MA

Emilio Terral

Accountant at Imcorp

Hopkinton, MA

Mark Campbell

Graphic Design Consultant at Umass Medical School

Hopkinton, MA

Nancy Miller

Administrative Assistant At Metrowest Medical Center at Metrowest Medical Center

Hopkinton, MA

Maurija Dasraj

Customs Compliance at The Rockport Company

Hopkinton, MA

Cindy Yang

Hopkinton High School at United States

Hopkinton, MA

Josiane Cardoso

Special Education Aide At Fuller Middle School at Fuller Middle School

Hopkinton, MA

Cotter Deborah

Mathematics Teacher at Algonquin Regional High S

Hopkinton, MA

Fred Haas

English And Journalism Teacher at Hopkinton School District

Hopkinton, MA

Jessica Cleveland

Licensed Mental Health Counselor at South Middlesex Opportunity Council (Smoc)

Hopkinton, MA

People with similar names

Aafreen Syed

Chicago, IL

Aafreen Syed

Qa Analyst

Atlanta, GA

Aafreen Syed

Student Managerial Assistant

Streamwood, IL