Barbara Larsen-Holgreen

Registration Specialist at Response Marketing Group

industry: Marketing And Advertising

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Type: Personal

About Barbara Larsen-Holgreen


Provo, Utah, United States



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Registration Specialist

Response Marketing Group

May 2016 — Present ∙︎ 8 years 2 months

About Response Marketing Group


Lindon, UT


Marketing And Advertising

Company size




Independent Sales Consultant And Unit Leader

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

LEVEL: Manager

Creative Memories

Apr 1998 — Oct 2006 ∙︎ 8 years 6 months

About Creative Memories




Consumer Goods

Company size




Legal Assistant

ROLES: Legal

Speck Law Offices

Feb 2011 — May 2016 ∙︎ 5 years 3 months

Sales Team Leader

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

LEVEL: Manager

Wordperfect Corporation

Oct 1989 — Mar 1994 ∙︎ 4 years 5 months

About Wordperfect Corporation


Weybridge, SURREY


Computer Software

Company size


Sales Representative

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

Computer Ware India Private Limited

May 1988 — Aug 1989 ∙︎ 1 year 3 months

About Computer Ware India Private Limited


New Delhi, DELHI


Information Technology And Services

Company size




Online Marketing Coordinator

ROLES: Marketing


Feb 2010 — Feb 2011 ∙︎ 1 year 0 months

About Inhealthcare




Information Technology And Services

Company size





Brigham Young University - Hawaii ∙︎ La'ie, HI

Post-secondary institution

1983 – 1983

North Tahoe High School

Secondary school

1979 – 1982

Brigham Young University ∙︎ Provo, UT

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: marketing, business management

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

1982 – 1987


social media marketing

online marketing



marketing strategy


event management

social media





online advertising

strategic planning

public speaking


trade shows

email marketing

lead generation

sales management

integrated marketing

team building

social networking

marketing communications





digital marketing

web marketing

FAQ about Barbara Larsen-Holgreen

What background information is available regarding Barbara Larsen-Holgreen in our database?

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen is a woman. At present She lives in Provo, UT.

Which organization is Barbara Larsen-Holgreen employed by?

She has a job with Response Marketing Group, a marketing and advertising organization created in 2001 with a total staff of 201-500.

What is Barbara Larsen-Holgreen’s profession?

It is believed that she works as a registration specialist.

What college did she study at?

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen studied Brigham Young University - Hawaii. She was in college from 1983 to 1983.

What are the professional areas that she has been involved in?

She has worked in various industries including marketing and advertising, consumer goods, computer software and information technology and services.

Has Barbara Larsen-Holgreen got any workmates?

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen's workmates are Samantha Fernandez, a semiar register; Aaron Fisher, a videographer and video editor; Shayla Stancliff, a telemarketer; Nathan Payne, a manager; Skyler Young, an it manager; Ben Richards, a marketing; Yami Diaz, a meeting event planner; Phil Smith, a president; Kathryn Hughes, a digital marketing manager; Casey Poppinga, an investment speaker and trainer; Yamileth Diaz, an event coordinator; Alex Moore, a floor manager.

Is she skilled and experienced in social media marketing?

She has social media marketing skills in addition to 29 other skills.

Where has Barbara Larsen-Holgreen been employed?

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen worked for 5 companies — Creative Memories, Speck Law Offices, Wordperfect Corporation, Computer Ware India Private Limited, and Inhealthcare.

Is there any information as to how much Barbara Larsen-Holgreen earns per month?

According to our records, Barbara Larsen-Holgreen's inferred monthly income is $55,000-70,000. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen's co-workers at Response Marketing Group

Samantha Fernandez

Semiar Register

Provo, UT

Aaron Fisher

Videographer And Video Editor

Provo, UT

Shayla Stancliff


Provo, UT

Nathan Payne


Provo, UT

Skyler Young

It Manager

Provo, UT

Ben Richards


Provo, UT

Yami Diaz

Meeting Event Planner

Provo, UT

Phil Smith


Provo, UT

Kathryn Hughes

Digital Marketing Manager

Provo, UT

Casey Poppinga

Investment Speaker And Trainer

Provo, UT

Yamileth Diaz

Event Coordinator

Provo, UT

Alex Moore

Floor Manager

Provo, UT

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Barbara Larsen-Holgreen's former colleagues

Cindy Gendron

Certified Medicare Counselor

Hampton, NH

Jadell Fasnacht

Family And Community Services Manager

Stein Counseling & Consulting Services, Ltd.

Onalaska, WI

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Chief Operations Officer


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Winshape Foundation

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Lake Region Medical

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Tula Xii

Hillsdale, NJ

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Ranch Owner

Carson County

Dallas, TX

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Budget, Financial And Process Improvement Lead

Fort Hamilton Hospital

Dayton, OH

Lisa Drew

Planning And Development Director

Tri-County Action Program

Saint Joseph, MN

Sarah Lee

2 Star Executive

Our Memories For Life/Heritage Makers/Youngevity

Pleasanton, CA

Colleagues in the industry: Marketing And Advertising

Jeff Ott

Provo, UT

Marc Pelissie

Provo, UT

Zoe Smock

Provo, UT

Marinda Pope

Provo, UT

Silvino Vazquez

Provo, UT

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Joshua Jensen

Provo, UT

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen's fellow alumni

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Salt Lake City, UT

Becky Carlson

Mansfield, TX

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Cincinnati, OH

Glen Mella

Orem, UT

Bruce Boulter

Toano, VA

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Modesto, CA

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Pocatello, ID

Matthew King

Provo, UT

Don Crowther

Racine, WI

Steve Higginson

Casper, WY

Mark Walton

Rigby, ID

Paul Redd

Centennial, CO

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Glen Ricks

Owner at Glen Ricks Photography

Skills: advertising, digital marketing, email marketing, event management, facebook and 19 more

Henrietta Mateaki

Seo Fulfillment Specialist at Boostability

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E Byron Chappell

Executive Affiliate at Hempworx

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James Smyth

Software Project Manager at Exevision

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Trowbridge National - Business Consulting And Manufacturing at Consumer Products

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President at Dentalcmo

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Rosuel Pazon

Remo Reviewer

Skills: advertising, digital marketing, email marketing, event management, facebook and 16 more

People with the same inferred salary ($55,000-70,000)

Ahec Matthew Dungan

Research Analyst at University Of Utah Hospitals And Clinics

Provo, UT

Adrienne Luymes

Itsm Analyst

Provo, UT

Alex Fenstermaker

Sales at

Provo, UT

Adrienne Ventura

Project Manager at Lakanto

Provo, UT

Ahmed Sahagun

Support Analyst

Provo, UT

Aaron Pittard

Management at Melaleuca:the Wellness Company

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Albert Tay

Manufacturing Supervisor Ii at Siemens Healthcare

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Alayna Thiriot

Dental Assistant at Mattew Smiles

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Abigail Crane

Crew Member at The Wendy's Company

Provo, UT

Abby Taylor

Art at Art-Tist

Provo, UT

Aaron Herrmann

Sales at Ventiv Technology

Provo, UT

Aaron Terry

Operations Manager at Tech Source Us

Provo, UT