Kimberly Mendenhall

Medical Records Specialist

roles: Health

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Warren, Ohio, United States



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Medical Records Specialist

ROLES: Health

FAQ about Kimberly Mendenhall

Which information is available in our database regarding Kimberly Mendenhall?

Kimberly Mendenhall is a female. Now, she lives in Warren, OH.

What is the name of the organization where Kimberly Mendenhall works?

Her current employment data is unknown.

What is her profession?

She is employed as a medical records specialist and has a career associated with the following professional area/employment: health.

Which college did she study at?

There is no information about her university education in our database.

What are the industries that Kimberly Mendenhall worked in?

We don't have any information on the industries in which she was employed.

What's Kimberly Mendenhall's monthly income?

Kimberly Mendenhall's salary range is $45,000-55,000 per month. The salary information is provided based on the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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Kimberly Mendenhall

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Kimberly Mendenhall

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Kim Mendenhall


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