Aadith Kannan

Engineer I at Duke Energy Corporation

roles: Engineering

industry: Utilities

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Lowell, Massachusetts, United States



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Engineer I

ROLES: Engineering

Duke Energy Corporation

Jun 2018 — Present ∙︎ 5 years 11 months

About Duke Energy Corporation


Charlotte, NC



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Technical Marketing Engineer

ROLES: Engineering

Analytical Lab Services

2013 — Aug 2015 ∙︎ 2 years

Teacher Assistant

ROLES: Education (Teacher)

University Of Massachusetts Lowell

Feb 2016 — Present ∙︎ 8 years 3 months

About University Of Massachusetts Lowell


Lowell, MA


Higher Education

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Saint Peter's University ∙︎ Jersey City, NJ

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: electronics

DEGREE: bachelor of engineering, bachelors

2008 – 2012

University Of Massachusetts Lowell ∙︎ Lowell, MA

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: energy, engineering

DEGREE: master of science, masters

2016 – 2018



adobe photoshop

microsoft office



microsoft excel

bike repair

motorcycle repair






FAQ about Aadith Kannan

What infomation is available in our database about Aadith Kannan?

Aadith Kannan is a male. He now lives in Lowell, MA. Aadith is a fluent speaker of English, Tamil and Hindi.

Which company or organization does Aadith Kannan work with?

He works for Duke Energy Corporation, a utilities industry company founded in 1904 with 10001+ existing employees.

What is Aadith Kannan's job?

He works as an engineer i and pursues a career in engineering.

Does he have a university degree?

Aadith Kannan studied Saint Peter's University. He was in college from 2008 to 2012. Aadith's college major was electronics. He holds a bachelor of engineering, bachelors degree.

What professional fields did he work in?

He has already worked in the following fields: utilities and higher education.

Is any information available about employees at the company where Aadith Kannan works?

The following people are known to be his workmates: Scott Lajeunesse, a generation process specialist; Michael Fry, a scheduler; Hamza Tirida, a power distribution engineer; Eric Anderson, a sergeant; Trevor Huffstetler, a business analyst; Annette Clayton, a director board of directors; Tom Patt; Patrice Collins; William Grigg; Donald Fox; Laura Whitted, an acount executive.

Does he have professional helioscope skills?

Yes, he has helioscope skills in addition to 8 other career skills.

Which companies has Aadith Kannan worked for?

Aadith Kannan was employed by 2 other companies. They are Analytical Lab Services and University Of Massachusetts Lowell.

What is Aadith Kannan's salary range?

Our records show that Aadith Kannan's inferred monthly salary is $<20,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aadith Kannan's co-workers at Duke Energy Corporation

Scott Lajeunesse

Generation Process Specialist

Boston, MA

Michael Fry


Andover, MA

Hamza Tirida

Power Distribution Engineer

Boston, MA

Eric Anderson


Boston, MA

Trevor Huffstetler

Business Analyst

Boston, MA

Annette Clayton

Director Board Of Directors

Boston, MA

Laura Whitted

Acount Executive

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Aadith Kannan's former colleagues

Ryan Maguire

Research Assistant

Wellesley College

North Reading, MA

Qinggang Yue

Software Engineer


Lowell, MA

Sue Dulude-Potter

Associate Director Of Digital

Chelmsford, MA

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Dean, Online And Continuing Education

Umass Lowell Online And Continuing Education

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Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

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Dracut Physical Therapy

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Soujanya Muralidhara

Technical Committee Representative To Pressure Sensitive Tape Council

Berry Plastics

Franklin, KY

Colleagues in the industry: Utilities

Vipul Bhagat

Lead Engineer, Substation Standards

National Grid

Lowell, MA

Shawn Ward

Lowell, MA

John Guregian

Part Time, Advanced Repair Agent

Best Buy

Lowell, MA

Martin Elliott


National Grid

Lowell, MA

Kyle Braun

Purchasing Technician

Cardinal Stores

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Andrew Mccabe

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National Grid

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Tee Ramos

Lowell, MA

Thoms Finneral

Program Manager

National Grid

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William Furey

Underground Construction Technician

National Grid

Lowell, MA

Joseph Caron

Owner And Operator

Jc Mini Excavating

Lowell, MA

Daniel Noel

Sales Manager

Vivint Solar

Lowell, MA

Sepe Brian

Qa And Qc Inspector

National Grid

Lowell, MA

Aadith Kannan's fellow alumni

Daniel King

Dunstable, MA

Michael Bunker

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Staff Engineer Ii at Neo Virtus Engineering, Inc.

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Cad Operator at State Electric Corporation

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Khin Ha

Skills: adobe photoshop, autocad, microsoft excel, microsoft office

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Androniki Mitrou

Teaching Assistant at University Of Massachusetts Lowell

Lowell, MA

Taiwo Olawale

Junior Account Manager at Apollo Solutions

Lowell, MA

Lisa Krikorian

Assistant Professor at Regis College

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Gholameza Farhang

Business System Analyst at Irisa

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Assistant at Pacific Dental Services

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Corey Klonoski

Assistant at Clean Drains

Lowell, MA

People with similar names

Aadith Kannan

Hub Leader

San Jose, CA