A Beatrice Becerra

Order Processing Department at West Michigan Uniform, Inc.

industry: Retail

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States



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Order Processing Department

West Michigan Uniform, Inc.

Aug 2007 — Present ∙︎ 16 years 9 months

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Holland, MI


Facilities Services

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FAQ about A Beatrice Becerra

What general information is available in our database about A Beatrice Becerra?

A Beatrice Becerra is a female. She is from Grand Rapids, MI.

Which company does she work for?

She works with West Michigan Uniform, Inc., a company engaged in the facilities services industry since 1963, with 11-50 employees in total.

What is A Beatrice Becerra’s profession?

She is an order processing department.

Did she graduate from college?

No higher education records have been found.

What are the fields that she has professional experience in?

She worked in the following professional areas: retail and facilities services.

Who are her workmates?

It is known that A Beatrice Becerra works with Tom Van Tuinen, a vice president sales; John Janssens, a sales representative; Richard Grinwis, a maintenance manager; Rick Elzinga, an account representative; Dawn Burns, an office manager; Mike Gort, a service manager; Pat Hamilton, an account manager; Rick Farber, an outside sales representative; Greg Potts, an account representative.

Is there any information as to how much A Beatrice Becerra makes per month?

There is no publicly available information about A Beatrice Becerra's monthly income.

A Beatrice Becerra's co-workers at West Michigan Uniform, Inc.

Tom Van Tuinen

Vice President Sales

Grand Rapids, MI

John Janssens

Sales Representative

Grand Rapids, MI

Richard Grinwis

Maintenance Manager

Grand Rapids, MI

Rick Elzinga

Account Representative

Zeeland, MI

Dawn Burns

Office Manager

Holland, MI

Mike Gort

Service Manager

Holland, MI

Pat Hamilton

Account Manager

Holland, MI

Rick Farber

Outside Sales Representative

Zeeland, MI

Greg Potts

Account Representative

Holland, MI

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Tom Van Tuinen

Teacher - Counselor

Bridge To Life Ministries

Grand Rapids, MI

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Office Assistant

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Wm Uniform

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Wm Uniform

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Rebeca Loredo-Bueno

West Michigan Uniform

Wm Uniform

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Holland, MI

Melanie Janssens

Administrative Office Assistant

Orbit Leasing

Grand Rapids, MI

Colleagues in the industry: Retail

John Babb

Grand Rapids, MI

Kendal Lake

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