Tondra Davis

Grants Management Supervisor at Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

level: Manager

industry: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

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+1 (608) 280-0360

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About Tondra Davis


Madison, Wisconsin, United States



Date of birth

Inferred Salary



Grants Management Supervisor

LEVEL: Manager

Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

2012 — Present ∙︎ 12 years

About Wisconsin Department Of Transportation


Madison, WI


Government Administration

Company size



University Of Wisconsin - Madison ∙︎ Madison, WI

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

1987 – 2011


policy analysis

data analysis

microsoft office

project management



public policy

strategic planning



community development

microsoft excel




FAQ about Tondra Davis

Which basic information is available regarding Tondra Davis?

Tondra Davis is a female. She currently resides in Madison, WI.

What’s the name of the organization Tondra Davis works for?

She is known to be an employee at Wisconsin Department Of Transportation, a government administration industry company with a total of 1001-5000 employees.

What career does Tondra Davis pursue?

She is known to be a grants management supervisor. According to our records, her job level is manager.

Is she a college graduate?

Tondra Davis was a student at University Of Wisconsin - Madison. She attended college from 1987 to 2011.

What are the fields that she has experience in?

She has expertise in transportation/trucking/railroad and government administration.

Who are her workmates?

The following people are also known to work for Wisconsin Department Of Transportation: Michael Erickson, an engineering specialist; Kayla Coats, a dmv communication center team lead; Scott Bush, a program manager; Donald Lyden, a safety research analyst; Alyssa Barrette, an environmental analysis and review specialist; Dustin Sweeney, a los program manager; Taqwanya Smith, a civil rights and regulatory compliance; Megan Bergum, a section chief; Jason Koster, a civil engineer; Ralph Kennedy, a photogrammetrist; Russell Dot, a computer programmer; Michael Helmers, a cyber security specialist.

Does she have any experience in policy analysis?

She possesses policy analysis skills along with 14 other professional skills.

How much does Tondra Davis make?

According to our records, Tondra Davis earns $70,000-85,000 per month. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Tondra Davis's co-workers at Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

Michael Erickson

Engineering Specialist

Madison, WI

Kayla Coats

Dmv Communication Center Team Lead

Madison, WI

Scott Bush

Program Manager

Madison, WI

Donald Lyden

Safety Research Analyst

Madison, WI

Alyssa Barrette

Environmental Analysis And Review Specialist

Madison, WI

Dustin Sweeney

Los Program Manager

Madison, WI

Taqwanya Smith

Civil Rights And Regulatory Compliance

Madison, WI

Megan Bergum

Section Chief

Madison, WI

Jason Koster

Civil Engineer

Madison, WI

Ralph Kennedy


Madison, WI

Russell Dot

Computer Programmer

Madison, WI

Michael Helmers

Cyber Security Specialist

Madison, WI

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Olympia, WA

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Sdsu Research Foundation

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Denver Urban Renewal Authority

Denver, CO

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Office Supervisor

Meriter Health Services

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Cardinal Glass Industries

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Heartland Payment Systems

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Jenny Ripley

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Intrado Enterprise Collaboration

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Martin Menocal



Madison, WI

Andy Diefenthaler



Madison, WI

T.l Dankert

Exhibitions Manager

Madison Museum Of Contemporary Art

Madison, WI

Cheyenne Pete

Unit Supervisor


Madison, WI

Krista Lehman

Service Operations Manager

Roundy's Supermarkets, Inc.

Madison, WI

Kathryn Rossow

Senior Manager, Finance And Accounting Direct-Hire Placement

Connect Search, Llc

Madison, WI

David Brenner


Gko Investments

Madison, WI

Tondra Davis's former colleagues

Judy Shelato

Special Projects Manager

Anderson County Museum

Greenville, SC

Nancy Liegel

Prairie Du Sac, WI

Christopher Paulsen

Chief Deputy Clerk

Wisconsin Supreme Court And Court Of Appeals

Perry Hubert

San Antonio, TX

Karen Richardson

Project Engineer

Kl Engineering, Inc.

Madison, WI

Michael Statz

Chief Operations Officer

Msa Professional Services

Madison, WI

Richard Lainez

Facilities Manager

Utah System Of Higher Education

Salt Lake City, UT

Jennifer Anne

Digital Library Collections

Hamilton Wood Type And Printing Museum

Madison, WI

Deann Balog

Regional Materials Coordinator

Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

Mayville, WI

Julie Debauche

Green Bay, WI

Todd Wescott

Project Manager


Madison, WI

Julie Hansen

Green Bay, WI

Colleagues in the industry: Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Tom Wilde

Madison, WI

James Cheek

Madison, WI

Robert Evenson

Madison, WI

David Singer

Madison, WI

Keith Farkas

Bus Cleaner

Madison Metro Bus Company

Madison, WI

Jackie Ninedorf

Madison, WI

Stephanie Dischler

Madison, WI

Jim Logan

Madison, WI

Jeff Sergenian

Accounting Manager

Madison, WI

William Utter

Madison, WI

Curt Arnoldi

Madison, WI

Tondra Davis's fellow alumni

Joann Gilmore

Caledonia, WI

Diandra Denier

Middleton, WI

Mary Mcnulty

Madison, WI

Steve Gotzler

Media, PA

Robin Deutsch

Wellesley Hills, MA

Michael Martin

East Troy, WI

Jane Peschel

Wauwatosa, WI

Eric Lewis

Madison, WI

Doran London

Madison, WI

Aaron Shapiro

New York, NY

Mark Greenhalgh

Madison, WI

Don Yacht

Madison, WI

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Data Entry Specialist at The University Book Store

Skills: arcgis, community development, data analysis, gis, government and 8 more

Leanna Wall

Arrowhead High School at Madison Wisconsin

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Norman Pawelczyk

Technical Services Chief at Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

Skills: arcgis, data analysis, gis, matlab, microsoft excel and 6 more

John Vogt

Marketing Specialist And Grant Administrator at Wisconsin Housing And Economic Development Authority (Wheda)

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Mup John Vogt

Marketing Project Coordinator at Wisconsin Housing And Economic Development Authority (Wheda)

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Adam Mednick

Environmental Analyst And Wepa Coordinator at Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources (Dnr)

Skills: arcgis, community development, data analysis, gis, government and 5 more

William Montague

Data Extraction Analyst at Cyclomedia Technology, Inc. Usa

Skills: arcgis, data analysis, government, microsoft excel, microsoft office and 4 more

Steve Ventura

Professor, Director, Chair at University Of Wisconsin-Madison

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Carol Bentzler

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Paul Delong

Senior Vice President For Conservation at American Forest Foundation

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Camille Lore

It Analyst at State Of Wisconsin

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Project Designer at Flad Architects

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Adam Kroshus

Senior Underwriter at Wisconsin Housing And Economic Development Authority (Wheda)

Madison, WI

Adi Mack

Client Service Manager at Sky's Edge Wealth A

Madison, WI

People with similar names

Tondra Davis


Madison, WI

Tondra Davis

Child Care Assistance Program

Madison, WI

Tondra Davis

Human Resource Specialist

Toledo, OH

Tondra Davis

Disbursement Administrator