Shayla Stancliff

Telemarketer at Response Marketing Group

industry: Marketing And Advertising

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Provo, Utah, United States



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Response Marketing Group

Oct 2012 — Present ∙︎ 11 years 9 months

About Response Marketing Group


Lindon, UT


Marketing And Advertising

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Feb 2012 — Jul 2012 ∙︎ 5 months

About Buffalo Wild Wings


Atlanta, GA



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Pleasant Grove High School

Secondary school

2009 – 2011

Utah Valley University ∙︎ Orem, UT

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: general studies

2012 – 2016

FAQ about Shayla Stancliff

What general information about Shayla Stancliff is available in our database?

Shayla Stancliff is a woman. She is in Provo, UT.

What’s the name of the organization Shayla Stancliff works for?

According to public records, she has a job with Response Marketing Group, a marketing and advertising company created in 2001 with a total staff of 201-500.

What does she do for a living?

It is known that she works as a telemarketer.

Is she a college graduate?

Shayla Stancliff graduated from Pleasant Grove High School. She attended college 2009 to 2011.

Which industries did she work for?

She has a background in these areas: marketing and advertising and restaurants.

Who does Shayla Stancliff work with?

These people work at the same company as her: Heather Katzenbach, a registration consultant; Ben Richards, a marketing; Yami Diaz, a meeting event planner; Aaron Fisher, a videographer and video editor; Skyler Young, an it manager; Zachary Nelson, a sales representative; Nathan Payne, a manager; Samantha Fernandez, a semiar register; Alex Moore, a floor manager; Kathryn Hughes, a digital marketing manager; Barbara Larsen-Holgreen, a registration specialist; Casey Poppinga, an investment speaker and trainer.

Which companies did Shayla Stancliff work at before the current company?

Shayla Stancliff was employed by Buffalo Wild Wings before Response Marketing Group.

What's Shayla Stancliff's monthly income?

No information about Shayla Stancliff's inferred salary has been found.

Shayla Stancliff's co-workers at Response Marketing Group

Heather Katzenbach

Registration Consultant

Provo, UT

Ben Richards


Provo, UT

Yami Diaz

Meeting Event Planner

Provo, UT

Aaron Fisher

Videographer And Video Editor

Provo, UT

Skyler Young

It Manager

Provo, UT

Zachary Nelson

Sales Representative

Provo, UT

Nathan Payne


Provo, UT

Samantha Fernandez

Semiar Register

Provo, UT

Alex Moore

Floor Manager

Provo, UT

Kathryn Hughes

Digital Marketing Manager

Provo, UT

Barbara Larsen-Holgreen

Registration Specialist

Provo, UT

Casey Poppinga

Investment Speaker And Trainer

Provo, UT

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Shayla Stancliff's former colleagues

Mary Twinem

Member Board Of Directors

Iret Properties

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Ut Permian Basin

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Colleagues in the industry: Marketing And Advertising

Curtis Pugsley

Provo, UT

Silvino Vazquez

Provo, UT

Josephine Smidt

Provo, UT

Jenene Julius

Provo, UT

James Delli Gatti

Provo, UT

Zoe Smock

Provo, UT

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Provo, UT

Rachel Smith

Provo, UT

Shayla Stancliff's fellow alumni

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Salt Lake City, UT

Yessenia Gray

Herriman, UT

Jarica Befus

Pleasant Grove, UT

Madelyn Berrett

Salt Lake City, UT

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Human Resources Coordinator

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Key Holder

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