A Wayne Riddle

Homesmart Regional Manager at Aaron's, Inc

level: Manager

industry: Retail

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Manassas, Virginia, United States


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Homesmart Regional Manager

LEVEL: Manager

Aaron's, Inc

Sep 2013 — Apr 2014 ∙︎ 7 months

About Aaron's, Inc


Atlanta, GA



Company size




District Manager

LEVEL: Manager

Bestway Rto

Sep 2009 — Sep 2013 ∙︎ 4 years 0 months

Regional Director

LEVEL: Director


Jun 2001 — Aug 2009 ∙︎ 8 years 2 months

About Rent-A-Center


Plano, TX



Company size




District Manager

LEVEL: Manager


Apr 1998 — Jun 2001 ∙︎ 3 years 2 months

About Rent-A-Center


Plano, TX



Company size





long range planning

multi unit management

project management

job coaching


sales presentations

employee training

customer service

sales management

FAQ about A Wayne Riddle

Which information can be found in our database about A Wayne Riddle?

They are from Manassas, VA.

What is the name of the company where A Wayne Riddle works?

A Wayne Riddle is an employee of Aaron's, Inc, a retail company founded in 1955 with 10001+ current employees.

What is A Wayne Riddle's job?

It is reported that A Wayne Riddle is a homesmart regional manager. According to the current information available, A Wayne Riddle has a manager level position.

Which college did A Wayne Riddle study at?

No college records have been found in our database.

What are the fields that A Wayne Riddle has professional experience in?

A Wayne Riddle has been employed in the field of retail.

Does A Wayne Riddle have any workmates?

According to our database, these people are also employed by the company: Joseph Piecuch, a general manager; Mallory Mccoy, a delivery driver; Joshua Woodard, a customer account manager; Amanda Tanner, a stay at home mom; Ronald Lukas, a retail sales or management; Jonavan Parker, a manager; Tracy Lewis, a regional manager; Bryan Myers, a sales manager; Marcy Bilgrav, a general manager; Eric Munford, a product technician; Sarah Walker, a general manager; Zach Gural, a general manager.

Does A Wayne Riddle have skills in long range planning?

A Wayne Riddle is qualified in long range planning and is known to have 8 other career skills.

Where did A Wayne Riddle work before the current workplace?

A Wayne Riddle was an employee in 2 other companies before Aaron's, Inc. These organizations were Bestway Rto and Rent-A-Center.

How much does A Wayne Riddle earn per month?

Our records show that A Wayne Riddle's salary range is $85,000-100,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

A Wayne Riddle's co-workers at Aaron's, Inc

Joseph Piecuch

General Manager

Toano, VA

Mallory Mccoy

Delivery Driver

Richmond, VA

Joshua Woodard

Customer Account Manager

Richmond, VA

Amanda Tanner

Stay At Home Mom

Orange, VA

Ronald Lukas

Retail Sales Or Management

Richmond, VA

Jonavan Parker


Roanoke, VA

Tracy Lewis

Regional Manager

Danville, VA

Bryan Myers

Sales Manager

Bluefield, VA

Marcy Bilgrav

General Manager

Danville, VA

Eric Munford

Product Technician

Richmond, VA

Sarah Walker

General Manager

New Kent, VA

Zach Gural

General Manager

Richmond, VA

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Social Media Manager


Manassas, VA

David Debat


Bowl America Bull Run

Manassas, VA

Nicholas Goffredo

Core Claims Project Manager

Jenkins Restorations

Manassas, VA

Robin Peter

Business Development Manager

Manassas, VA

Jacob Ma

Data Center Technician Lead


Manassas, VA

Gary Lail

Real Estate Manager

Julius Berger Gmbh & Co. Kg

Manassas, VA

David Nichols

Project Manager

Nvr, Inc.

Manassas, VA

John Martin

General Sales Manager

Camping World

Manassas, VA

Ashli Thompson

Business Manager

Bluemont Concert Series

Manassas, VA

Nichole Mayo

Manager, Project Administration

Personify Corp

Manassas, VA

Mark William

Human Resources Manager

Air Methods

Manassas, VA

Jeremy Mayhew

Data Center Manager

Amazon Web Services

Manassas, VA

A Wayne Riddle's former colleagues

Tony Fuller

Adjunct Faculty

University Of Texas At Dallas

Celina, TX

James Jim Landry

Customer Delivery Manager

Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

New York, NY

Samuel Bertman

Adel, IA

Scott Maire

Sales Professional

Yamaha Of Louisville

Shelbyville, KY

Amanda Gray

Senior Professional Sales Representative

Currently Seeking New Opportunities

Houston, TX

James Ashworth

Equities Trader

Ashworth Investments

Daytona Beach, FL

Michelle Vonstein-Mikesell

Vice President Operations

Mikesell’s Facilities Solutions

Middletown, OH

Michael Kilbane

Strongsville, OH

Mike Carlson

Samples Technician

Corning Incorporated

Painted Post, NY

Otilio Gonzalez

General Manager

Arona Corporation

Homestead, FL

Don Kretsch

Owner And Director

Bricks 4 Kidz

Chandler, AZ

Jeremy Doria

Regional Manager

Aaron's, Inc

Boston, MA

Colleagues in the industry: Retail

Katrina Lamb-Moody

Manassas, VA

Naureen Bears

Manassas, VA

Anya Biamby

Manassas, VA

Loredana Mitrea

Manassas, VA

Johnny Dough

Manassas, VA

Jim Ogle

Manassas, VA

Jeff Diamond

Manassas, VA

Renee Davis

Manassas, VA

Lauren Makrides

Manassas, VA

Rahema Amarkhel

Manassas, VA

Virginia Walsh

Manassas, VA

Professionals with similar skills as A Wayne Riddle

Dan Arnold

Project Manager at John C. Grimberg Co. Inc.

Skills: customer service, project management, sales management, sales presentations

Lori Quinn

Account Manager Ii at Dlt Solutions

Skills: collections, customer service, project management, sales management

David Madrid

Regional Facilities Manager at Lidl Us

Skills: customer service, employee training, project management, sales management

Joshua Lane

Outpatient Billing Supervisor at Nyu Langone Medical Center

Skills: customer service, employee training, sales management, sales presentations

Maurielle Skinner

Lead Medical Assistant at Plastic Surgery And Dermatology Associates

Skills: customer service, employee training, project management

Naqib Ahmad

General Manager at Staples

Skills: customer service, employee training, sales management

Alexandra Lacy

Assistant Service Experience Manager at Nordstrom

Skills: customer service, project management, sales presentations

Ammar Hanjra

Managing Partner at Ameropak Trading

Skills: customer service, employee training, sales management

Ahaalm Abdulhaq

Skills: customer service, project management, sales management

Michael Milligan

Senior Ops Production Coordinator at Capital One

Skills: customer service, employee training, sales management

Yamileth Nolasco

Property Administrator at Akima, Llc

Skills: customer service, employee training, sales management

Becky Long

President at Electro-Motive Diesel

Skills: customer service, project management, sales management

People with the same inferred salary ($85,000-100,000)

Arturo Garcia

Operations Manager

Manassas, VA

Alex Navin

Account Manager

Manassas, VA

Alfonso Cabrera

Facilities Energy Manager at Kbr, Inc.

Manassas, VA

Alisha Gordon

Group Clinical Manager at The Center For Autism And Related Disorders, Llc. (Card)

Manassas, VA

Alicia Frierson

Manager at Cvs Pharmacy

Manassas, VA

Ahmed Wahab

Senior Consultant

Manassas, VA

Adriel Lettman

Lead Developer at Misbarfc

Manassas, VA

Angela Floyd

Project Manager at Phoenix Contracting Group

Manassas, VA

Andre Dixon

Project Manager at Wcs Construction

Manassas, VA

Aniket Kshirsagar

Manassas, VA

Anuj Pareek

Senior Software Engineer at Capital One

Manassas, VA

Alexandria Colon

Work Coordinator And Appt Manager at Pizzola Enterprises

Manassas, VA

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A Amber Riddle


Houston, TX

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Summer Staff

Herriman, UT