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FAQ about Sharee Maddock

What general information is available regarding Sharee Maddock?

Sharee Maddock is a female. She is presently living in Salt Lake City, UT.

What is her current workplace?

She is known to be an employee at Call Assistant, a outsourcing/offshoring industry organization created in 2009 with a total of 501-1000 employees.

What does Sharee Maddock do for a living?

She is known to be employed as an agent.

What university did she attend?

No information is available about her higher education.

Which professional areas was she involved in?

She was involved in marketing and advertising and outsourcing/offshoring.

Is there any information about the people working with Sharee Maddock?

The following people are reported to be Sharee Maddock's workmates: Rance Summers, an account manager; Shelly Griffin, a call dj; Nate Baxter, a manager; Brent Welsh, a manager; Matt Matson, a manager; Brenda Schvaneveldt, a call agent at call assistant; Melinda Harris, a manager; Dustin Murray, a shift lead; Julio Kirkham, a manager; Leah Kendrick, an agent; Jerry Haws, a manager; Candace Taggart, a sales representative.

Is any information available about Sharee Maddock's salary?

There is no publicly available information about Sharee Maddock's salary range.

Sharee Maddock's co-workers at Call Assistant

Rance Summers

Account Manager

Salt Lake City, UT

Shelly Griffin

Call Dj

Salt Lake City, UT

Nate Baxter


Salt Lake City, UT

Brent Welsh


Salt Lake City, UT

Matt Matson


Logan, UT

Brenda Schvaneveldt

Call Agent At Call Assistant

Logan, UT

Melinda Harris


Logan, UT

Dustin Murray

Shift Lead

Logan, UT

Julio Kirkham


Logan, UT

Leah Kendrick


Smithfield, UT

Jerry Haws


Logan, UT

Candace Taggart

Sales Representative

Logan, UT

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Sharee Maddock's former colleagues

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Sql Developer

Conservice The Utility Experts®

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Director Of Inside Sales And Customer Development

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Colleagues in the industry: Marketing And Advertising

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Salt Lake City, UT

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