Elisha Faagai

Front Office Assistant

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Hawaii, United States


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Front Office Assistant


University Of Portland ∙︎ Portland, OR

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DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of arts

FAQ about Elisha Faagai

Which company does Elisha Faagai work for?

There is no information in our system about Elisha Faagai's current workplace.

What does Elisha Faagai do for a living?

It is known that Elisha Faagai is a front office assistant.

Which college did Elisha Faagai study at?

Elisha Faagai used to go to University Of Portland.

What are the fields that Elisha Faagai has professional experience in?

No information has been found.

How much does Elisha Faagai get paid?

Elisha Faagai's inferred salary is $35,000-45,000. The information is provided based on the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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