A Nadine Gray

Intern at Semester In Practice Childrens Law Office

industry: Mental Health Care

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About A Nadine Gray


Presque Isle, Maine, United States



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LEVEL: Training

Semester In Practice Childrens Law Office

2016 — May 2016 ∙︎ Less than a year

Summer Legal Intern

ROLES: Legal

LEVEL: Training

Prisoner Legal Services

May 2015 — Jul 2015 ∙︎ 2 months

About Prisoner Legal Services


Raleigh, NC


Legal Services

Company size


Rehabilitation Aide

Citizens Advocates

May 2012 — Dec 2012 ∙︎ 7 months

About Citizens Advocates


Saranac Lake, NY


Hospital & Health Care

Company size




Qa Specialist

Life By Design Pa

Apr 2005 — May 2011 ∙︎ 6 years 1 month

Law Student

ROLES: Legal

Vermont Law School

Aug 2013 — May 2016 ∙︎ 2 years 9 months

About Vermont Law School


South Royalton, VT


Higher Education

Company size





Northern Maine Community College ∙︎ Presque Isle, ME

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: liberal arts, liberal studies

DEGREE: associates

GPA: 3

2008 – 2009

Champlain College ∙︎ Burlington, VT

Post-secondary institution


DEGREE: masters

GPA: 3

2011 – 2013

MAJORS: sociology

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

2005 – 2010

Vermont Law School ∙︎ South Royalton, VT

Post-secondary institution


DEGREE: doctor of jurisprudence, doctorates

2013 – 2016


qualitative research

quantitative research

quality assurance review

microsoft office


legal research



legal writing

public policy


FAQ about A Nadine Gray

Which information can be found in our database about A Nadine Gray?

A Nadine Gray is a woman. Her actual location is Presque Isle, ME. Her interest is in traveling.

What organization does she work for right now?

Our database contains no information about her current workplace.

What kind of work does A Nadine Gray do?

There are no work records for A Nadine Gray in our database.

What college did she attend?

A Nadine Gray graduated from Northern Maine Community College. She attended college 2008 to 2009. A majored in liberal arts, liberal studies. She got a associates degree.

What are the professional areas that she has experience in?

She has experience in the following industries: mental health care, legal services, hospital & health care and higher education.

Does she have qualitative research skills?

She possesses qualitative research skills, plus 9 other professional skills.

How much does A Nadine Gray earn?

No information is available about A Nadine Gray's inferred salary.

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