Coordinator Iaany

Marketing Coordinator at International Advertising Association - New York Chapter

roles: Marketing

industry: Marketing And Advertising

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New York, New York, United States


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Marketing Coordinator

ROLES: Marketing

International Advertising Association - New York Chapter

About International Advertising Association - New York Chapter


New York, NY


Marketing And Advertising

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FAQ about Coordinator Iaany

Which information can be found in our database regarding Coordinator Iaany?

They presently reside in New York, NY.

What is Coordinator Iaany's current place of employment?

Based on public records, Coordinator Iaany is an employee of International Advertising Association - New York Chapter, a marketing and advertising company founded in 1959 with 10001+ current employees.

What career does Coordinator Iaany pursue?

Coordinator Iaany is employed as a marketing coordinator and is known to pursue a career in marketing.

Does Coordinator Iaany have an academic degree?

No university records have been found in our database.

What industries did Coordinator Iaany work in?

Coordinator Iaany has been involved in the following industry: marketing and advertising.

Who are the people working for the company Coordinator Iaany is employed at?

It is reported that Coordinator Iaany's colleagues are Coordinator Iaa, a marketing coordinator.

What's Coordinator Iaany's monthly income?

Based on our records, Coordinator Iaany's monthly earnings are $45,000-55,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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