Jennie Yaakovian

Office Administrator at The Delaware Academy

industry: Education Management

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Type: Personal

About Jennie Yaakovian


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States



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Office Administrator

The Delaware Academy

FAQ about Jennie Yaakovian

What background information is available regarding Jennie Yaakovian in our database?

Jennie Yaakovian is a woman. She lives in Philadelphia, PA state.

What is Jennie Yaakovian's current place of employment?

According to our files, she is employed at The Delaware Academy.

What is Jennie Yaakovian's job?

She is believed to be employed as an office administrator.

Which university did she attend?

We couldn't find any information about her university degree.

What professional areas was Jennie Yaakovian involved in?

She has a background in education management.

Is there any information about her workmates?

We found no records of Jennie Yaakovian's colleagues.

What's Jennie Yaakovian's monthly salary?

Jennie Yaakovian earns $45,000-55,000 every month. The information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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