Aakar Thaker

Resident Physician at Piedmont Healthcare

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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Resident Physician

Piedmont Healthcare

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Atlanta, GA


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FAQ about Aakar Thaker

Which information is available about Aakar Thaker?

They are currently located in Atlanta, GA.

What is Aakar Thaker's current place of work?

Public records show that Aakar Thaker is known to be an employee at Piedmont Healthcare, a hospital & health care industry organization created in 1905 with a total of 10001+ employees.

What is Aakar Thaker's profession?

It is believed that Aakar Thaker is a resident physician.

What college did Aakar Thaker attend?

No higher education records for Aakar Thaker have been found.

What are the industries that Aakar Thaker worked in?

Aakar Thaker worked in the following professional field: hospital & health care.

Is there any information about the people who work with Aakar Thaker?

It is known that the following people also work for Piedmont Healthcare: Vashone Rawls, a clinical coordinator, respiratory; Kathie Shemwell, a clinical data analyst; Whitney Robledo, a clinical partner-float pool; Penny Dixon, a cma; Jamilla Fontenot, a charge nurse; Delores Tucker, a cns-bc geriatrics and adult; Anthony Gaines, a business operations and technical services; John Adams, a certified epic application coordinator- cadence and prelude; Krisithia Colbert, a certified medical assistant; Felicia Taha, a cna; Pat Marshall, a clinical nurse specialist; Scott Woodcock, a business analyst.

What is Aakar Thaker's salary range?

Our records show that Aakar Thaker's monthly earnings are $35,000-45,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aakar Thaker's co-workers at Piedmont Healthcare

Vashone Rawls

Clinical Coordinator, Respiratory

Atlanta, GA

Kathie Shemwell

Clinical Data Analyst

Atlanta, GA

Whitney Robledo

Clinical Partner-Float Pool

Atlanta, GA

Penny Dixon


Atlanta, GA

Jamilla Fontenot

Charge Nurse

Atlanta, GA

Delores Tucker

Cns-Bc Geriatrics And Adult

Atlanta, GA

Anthony Gaines

Business Operations And Technical Services

Atlanta, GA

John Adams

Certified Epic Application Coordinator- Cadence And Prelude

Atlanta, GA

Krisithia Colbert

Certified Medical Assistant

Atlanta, GA

Felicia Taha


Atlanta, GA

Pat Marshall

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Atlanta, GA

Scott Woodcock

Business Analyst

Atlanta, GA

Professionals with the same job title: Resident Physician

Parissa Rabbanifard

Redmond Regional Med Centre

Atlanta, GA

Rudy Davis

Atlanta, GA

Bryan Kindya

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

Chelsy Webb

Morehouse School Of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Nora Loughry

Emory University School Of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Anjali Parekh

Emory University School Of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Joy Ferrell

Atlanta, GA

Ekta Bery

Emory University School Of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Leila Ettefagh

Emory University School Of Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Olu Ogunjemilusi

Atlanta, GA

Raisa Uddin

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

Phani Surapaneni

Atlanta, GA

Aakar Thaker's former colleagues

Lucy Hites

Substitute Teacher

Iredell Statesvile Schools

Maggie Valley, NC

Jim Kauten

Director Marcus Heart Valve Center

Piedmont Heart Institute

Atlanta, GA

William Davis

Patient Connection Pre-Service Manager

Atlanta, GA

Kimberly Markease

Accounting Specialist

Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Catawba, SC

Judith Stallings

Jackson, Mississippi Area

Jackson, MS

Jerry Lewter

Nursing Supervisor

Plantation Management

Shreveport, LA

Pamela Wilson

Medical Home Care Coach

Piedmont Atlanta Hospital

Atlanta, GA

Elton Sharp

Registered Nurse

Arcturus Hospice & Palliative Care

Marietta, GA

Jenay Beshears

Director Of Infection Prevention

Piedmont Healthcare

Covington, GA

Kim Holland

Director Of Operations

Iredell Memorial Hospital Incorporated

Charlotte, NC

Lillian Ansley

Principle And Managing Partner

Kirbo Ansley

Atlanta, GA

People with the same inferred salary ($35,000-45,000)

Aaron Murrell

Marketing Analyst at The Coca-Cola Company

Atlanta, GA

Abby Thomas

Accounting Clerk at Marvel Studios

Atlanta, GA

A Nicole Westmoreland

Dunwoody High School

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Albritton-Ford

Urban Farmer at Mushgardens

Atlanta, GA

Aaliyah Walker

Food Courier at Uber

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Martin

Medical Administrative Assistant at Atlanta Womens Health Group

Atlanta, GA

Abby Breithoff

Food Server at Chuy's Restaurants

Atlanta, GA

Aarianna Thomas

Marietta High School

Atlanta, GA

Aaron-Jay Alcala

Graduate Research Assistant at University Of Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Abdikadir Ali

Logistics Freight Forwarding at Forward Link

Atlanta, GA

Aaliyah Chavers

Customer Service Representative

Atlanta, GA

Abdallah Al-Obaidi

Medical Interpreter - Contractor

Atlanta, GA

People with similar names

Aakar Thaker

Family Medicine Residency Faculty

Atlanta, GA