A London Arrington

Training And Instructor For Public Assistance Cadre at Adjusters International

roles: Human Resources

industry: Market Research

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Type: Personal

About A London Arrington


Atlanta, Georgia, United States


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Training And Instructor For Public Assistance Cadre

ROLES: Human Resources (Employee Development)

Adjusters International

Jun 2013 — Present ∙︎ 10 years 11 months

About Adjusters International


Utica, NY


Management Consulting

Company size




Disaster Response And Recovery Project Specialistconsultant

Tidal Basin Government Consulting, Llc

2009 — Mar 2010 ∙︎ 1 year

About Tidal Basin Government Consulting, Llc


Alexandria, VA


Government Relations

Company size




Job Coach And Employment Specialist


2001 — Feb 2002 ∙︎ 1 year

About Goodwill


Legal Services

Company size




Outbound Sales Team Leader

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

LEVEL: Manager

Media One

2000 — 2001 ∙︎ 1 year

About Media One



Company size


Consumer Services Manager

LEVEL: Manager

State Of Florida - Lottery

Jul 1990 — Jun 1995 ∙︎ 4 years 11 months

About State Of Florida - Lottery


Tallahassee, FL


Government Relations

Company size


Sales And Customer Service Supervisor

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

LEVEL: Manager

State Of Florida - Lottery

Sep 1989 — Jul 1990 ∙︎ 10 months

About State Of Florida - Lottery


Tallahassee, FL


Government Relations

Company size


Program Director And Co-Owner

ROLES: Operations

LEVELS: Director, Owner

New Domus Llc/Livelovelife365

Jun 2001 — Dec 2008 ∙︎ 7 years 6 months

Work Adjustment And Employment Specialist

Goodwill Of North Georgia

2002 — 2003 ∙︎ 1 year

About Goodwill Of North Georgia


Decatur, GA


Non-Profit Organization Management

Company size




Inbound And Outbound Sales Representative

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

Media One

Sep 1998 — 2000 ∙︎ 1 year 4 months

About Media One



Company size


Customer Service Team Leader-Call Center

ROLES: Customer Service

Office Depot

Jun 1995 — Jul 1998 ∙︎ 3 years 1 month

About Office Depot


Boca Raton, FL


Business Supplies And Equipment

Company size




Corporate And Creative Data Analytics Liaison

ROLES: Engineering (Data)


Mar 1989 — Present ∙︎ 35 years 2 months


Florida A&M University ∙︎ Tallahassee, FL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: economics

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

1985 – 1991

Licenses & certifications

Currently Completing Cem



public speaking



customer service

program management

strategic planning

social media

microsoft office



event planning


team building


social networking

event management

community outreach



public relations

microsoft excel

volunteer management



leadership development

social media marketing

non profits


staff development


organizational development


program development


customer satisfaction

call centers


employee relations

human resources

time management

project planning

grant writing



FAQ about A London Arrington

Which information is available about A London Arrington?

They currently live in Atlanta, GA. They take an interest in social services.

What’s the name of the company A London Arrington works for?

A London Arrington is an employee of Adjusters International, a management consulting company founded in 1985 with 201-500 current employees.

What career does A London Arrington pursue?

It is reported that A London Arrington is a training and instructor for public assistance cadre and has a career related to the following professional field/occupation: human resources, employee development.

What college did A London Arrington attend?

A London Arrington studied Florida A&M University. A attended college from 1985 to 1991. A London Arrington earned a degree in bachelors, bachelor of science and majored in economics.

What are the fields that A London Arrington has work experience in?

A London Arrington has worked in the industries of market research, management consulting, government relations, legal services, telecommunications, non-profit organization management and business supplies and equipment.

Who else works for the company A London Arrington is employed at?

A London Arrington has the following workmates: Donna Franklin-Blackman, a project manager and contractor fema; Polly Haley, a human resources; Jeff Johnson, a public assistance-disaster management; Fordel Willis, a tribal relations and project specialist; Betty Keen, a business accountant; Sppa Patrick W. Bickford, a president; Scott Deluise, a president and chief executive officer; Hal Jalakick, an adjuster; Sally Fenley, a field assessment specialist; David Pearce, a loss consultant; Valerie Lyons, a consultant and ak public assistance officer; Daniel Schoel, a disaster recovery consultant.

Is A London Arrington skilled at training?

A London Arrington has training skills in addition to 43 other professional competencies.

What companies did A London Arrington work at before the current job?

A London Arrington was employed by 8 other companies. They are Tidal Basin Government Consulting, Llc, Goodwill, Media One, State Of Florida - Lottery, New Domus Llc/Livelovelife365, Goodwill Of North Georgia, Office Depot, and Livelovelife365™.

How much does A London Arrington earn?

According to our records, A London Arrington's inferred monthly salary is $45,000-55,000. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

A London Arrington's co-workers at Adjusters International

Donna Franklin-Blackman

Project Manager And Contractor Fema

Lithonia, GA

Polly Haley

Human Resources

Jeff Johnson

Public Assistance-Disaster Management

Fordel Willis

Tribal Relations And Project Specialist

Betty Keen

Business Accountant

Denver, CO

Sppa Patrick W. Bickford


Denver, CO

Scott Deluise

President And Chief Executive Officer

Denver, CO

Hal Jalakick


Hartford, CT

Sally Fenley

Field Assessment Specialist

Daytona Beach, FL

David Pearce

Loss Consultant

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Valerie Lyons

Consultant And Ak Public Assistance Officer

Fort Pierce, FL

Daniel Schoel

Disaster Recovery Consultant

Tallahassee, FL

A London Arrington's former colleagues

Joan Schoubert

Associate Director - Its And Nwrdc Fiscal And Administrative Operations

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

Angela Staup

Senior Director Human Resources

Goodwill Of North Georgia

Atlanta, GA

Nancy Hankin

Community Liaison

Healthy Start Coalition Of Hillsborough County, Inc.

Jenn O'neill

Construction Coordinator


Boston, MA

Dwayne Miller

Application Developer Lead

Rollins School Of Public Health At Emory University

Atlanta, GA

Wendy Stillions

Principal Software Engineer


Atlanta, GA

Tamica Dean

Credit And Collections And Credit And Account

Plymouth, MI

Tracy Willis

Owner And Designer

Garden Gate Landscape Design

Denver, CO

Jesse Chappell

Operations And Sales And Agent

Universal Truckload Services, Inc. ("Universal")

Lakeland, FL

Keith Driggers

Florida Branch Manager

J.m. Wilson

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Gin Garrett-Kreisberg

Implementation And Project Manager, Wells Fargo Technology Infrastructure Services, Software Asset Mgmt

Wells Fargo

Charlotte, NC

Yvonne Days-Cuffie

Resource Consultant


Atlanta, GA

Colleagues in the industry: Market Research

George Gaines

Atlanta, GA

Yungwen Lee

Atlanta, GA

Susan Cornish

Atlanta, GA

James Reeves

Atlanta, GA

Rebeca Valdivieso

Atlanta, GA

Jessica Smith

Atlanta, GA

Julie Honea

Atlanta, GA

David Anthony

Atlanta, GA

Arturo Padilla-Ponce

Atlanta, GA

Tion Sparks

Atlanta, GA

Michael Taylor

Atlanta, GA

Robert Kenny

Atlanta, GA

A London Arrington's fellow alumni

Johnny Antoine

Jacksonville, FL

Lowell Crawford

Miami, FL

Mike Matthews

Fayetteville, GA

Irma Ruiz

Tampa, FL

Derrick Carr

Montgomery, AL

Subrena Graham

Boca Raton, FL

Sonja Freeman

Fairburn, GA

Angie Bush

Charlotte, NC

Natalyn Jennings

Atlanta, GA

Stephen Smith

New Orleans, LA

James Wyatt

Alexandria, VA

Keith Bowers

Tallahassee, FL

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Shawn Welch

Economics, Management, Business

Wendy Loux

Economics, Political Science, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

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Economics, Bachelors

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Economics, Philosophy, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

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Real Estate, Economics, Business Law

Santha Jetty

Economics, History, Finance, Bachelors

Alexander Vashadze

Economics, Bachelors

Professionals with similar skills as A London Arrington

Anitra Favors

Skills: budgets, coaching, customer service, editing, event management and 25 more

Shane Short

Executive Director at Development Authority Of Walton County

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer service, event management and 25 more

Katherine Fogie

Training Coordinator at Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer service, employee relations and 24 more

Theta Shank

Host at Winshape Marriage

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer service, editing and 23 more

Dborahwill Anthony

Coordinator Of Georgia Stations Of

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer satisfaction, customer service and 22 more

Heaven Hail

Head Thinker T

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer service, editing and 22 more

Jeanine Chambers

Executive Director at Angel Flight Soars, Inc.

Skills: budgets, community outreach, customer service, event management, event planning and 22 more

Derek Moore

Administrative Assistant at Emory University

Skills: budgets, coaching, customer satisfaction, customer service, employee relations and 21 more

W Imara Canady

Producer, In Contact at Atlanta Association Of Black Journalists

Skills: budgets, community outreach, customer service, editing, event management and 21 more

Jessica Daniel

Community Manager at Pinnacle Property Management Services

Skills: budgets, coaching, community outreach, customer satisfaction, customer service and 21 more

Kelly Parry

Co-Founder at Georgia Theatre Guide

Skills: budgets, community outreach, customer service, editing, event management and 20 more

People with the same inferred salary ($45,000-55,000)

A'nivia Thomas

Client Service Representative at Ciox Health

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Weiler

Creative Production And Operations at Aaron Weiler Productions

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Durrette

Laboratory Assistant at Northside Hospital

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Abby Clair

Recruiter at Outsource

Atlanta, GA

Aaliyah Cooper

Cashier Customer Service at Chick Fil A

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Aaron Qureshi

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Hill

Technical Support Representative

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Das

Financial Advisor, Llc at Wells Fargo Advisors

Atlanta, GA

Abby Lane

Senior Landscape Architect at Planters

Atlanta, GA

Aaron Barr

Cnc Machine Operator at Millex

Atlanta, GA

Abbey Ford

Interior Design Intern

Atlanta, GA

A Olly Neal

Associate Veterinarian at Associate Veterinarian Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, GA

People with similar names

A London Arrington

Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Atlanta, GA