Aubrey Klosterman

Marketing Communications Specialist at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

roles: Human Resources

industry: Higher Education

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About Aubrey Klosterman


Kettering, Ohio, United States


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Marketing Communications Specialist

ROLES: Human Resources

The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

May 2020 — Present ∙︎ 4 years 1 month

About The Reynolds And Reynolds Company


Dayton, OH


Computer Software

Company size




Student Inquiry Center Staff

Miami University

Sep 2017 — May 2018 ∙︎ 8 months

About Miami University


Oxford, OH


Higher Education

Company size




Line Worker

La Bodega Delicatessen

Oct 2016 — Oct 2017 ∙︎ 1 year 0 months

About La Bodega Delicatessen


Oxford, OH



Company size



LEVEL: Training

Congressman Jim Jordan's Office

May 2016 — Aug 2016 ∙︎ 3 months

Marketing Communications Professional

ROLES: Human Resources

Naked Lime

Jul 2018 — Present ∙︎ 5 years 11 months

About Naked Lime


Kettering, OH


Marketing And Advertising

Company size





Wagner's Iga

Jun 2012 — Apr 2014 ∙︎ 1 year 10 months


Globus Printing & Packaging

May 2016 — Aug 2016 ∙︎ 3 months

About Globus Printing & Packaging


Minster, OH



Company size




Belltower Buyer

Belltower Books

Apr 2016 — May 2016 ∙︎ 1 month

About Belltower Books


Sharon Hill, PA


Consumer Goods

Company size





Minster Jr./Sr. High School

Secondary school

2011 – 2014

Miami University ∙︎ Oxford, OH

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: english literature, history

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of arts

2014 – 2018


public speaking

team leadership

microsoft office


social media


copy editing


microsoft word

FAQ about Aubrey Klosterman

Which information is available in our database about Aubrey Klosterman?

They are currently residing in Kettering, OH.

Which organization is Aubrey Klosterman currently employed by?

Aubrey Klosterman has a job with The Reynolds And Reynolds Company, a computer software organization established in the year of 1866 that employs 1001-5000 people.

What career does Aubrey Klosterman pursue?

Aubrey Klosterman works a marketing communications specialist and is known to pursue a career in human resources.

Which college did Aubrey Klosterman attend?

Aubrey Klosterman studied Minster Jr./Sr. High School. Aubrey attended college from 2011 to 2014.

What professional industries was Aubrey Klosterman involved in?

Aubrey Klosterman has expertise in higher education, research, computer software, marketing and advertising, printing and consumer goods.

Who else works at the company Aubrey Klosterman is employed by?

These people work at the same company as Aubrey Klosterman: Aaron Bowman, a systems sales trainee; Alex Adams, a customer service representative; Vance Stephenson, a senior financial mgmt accountant; Jeffrey Iwanski, a contract administrator; Stephen Beyer, a billing analyst; Annette Ball, a distance learning center; Christopher Sprowl, an accounting and payroll implementation specialist; Annette Fink, a dlc supervisor at the reynolds and reynolds company; Jean Henry, an administrative ass't to vp, customer services; Jeff Woo, an art director; Mark Crockett, a building operations manager at the reynolds and reynolds company; Lynn Lottman, an advanced data specialist.

Is Aubrey Klosterman skilled and experienced in public speaking?

Aubrey Klosterman possesses public speaking skills as well as 8 other professional skills.

Where did Aubrey Klosterman work before the current company?

Aubrey Klosterman worked for 7 companies — Miami University, La Bodega Delicatessen, Congressman Jim Jordan's Office, Naked Lime, Wagner's Iga, Globus Printing & Packaging, and Belltower Books.

What's Aubrey Klosterman's monthly income?

Our records show that Aubrey Klosterman's monthly income is $25,000-35,000. This information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aubrey Klosterman's co-workers at The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Aaron Bowman

Systems Sales Trainee

Kettering, OH

Alex Adams

Customer Service Representative

Kettering, OH

Vance Stephenson

Senior Financial Mgmt Accountant

Kettering, OH

Jeffrey Iwanski

Contract Administrator

Kettering, OH

Stephen Beyer

Billing Analyst

Dayton, OH

Annette Ball

Distance Learning Center

Cincinnati, OH

Christopher Sprowl

Accounting And Payroll Implementation Specialist

Dayton, OH

Annette Fink

Dlc Supervisor At The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Cincinnati, OH

Jean Henry

Administrative Ass't To Vp, Customer Services

Dayton, OH

Jeff Woo

Art Director

Dayton, OH

Mark Crockett

Building Operations Manager At The Reynolds And Reynolds Company

Dayton, OH

Lynn Lottman

Advanced Data Specialist

Dayton, OH

Professionals with the same job title: Marketing Communications Specialist

Chloe Smith

National Cacfp Sponsors Association

Cincinnati, OH

Andrew Addessi

Bowling Green State University

Canton, OH

Nikki Kennedy

New Heights Seo

Denver, CO

Jennifer Edwards

Auburn University

Opelika, AL

Jessica Peterson

Depaul University

Chicago, IL

Jenn Morley

Cornell University Ilr School

Owego, NY

Kristen Bowman

Auburn Magazine

Auburn, AL

Thomas Notarangelo

Pennsylvania Medical Society

York, PA

Charlotte Ho

Boston, MA

Kathy Andrusisin

Penn State University

State College, PA

Lisa-Marie Pascuccio

Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Cambridge, MA

Aubrey Klosterman's former colleagues

Alex Cameron

Ecommerce Analyst


Boston, MA

Mary Leveline

Oxford, OH

Ashley Wilson

Staff Psychologist And Eating Disorder Services Coordinator

Appalachian State University

Boone, NC

Barbara Jena

Chief Audit Officer

Miami University

Cincinnati, OH

Zachary Mckenna

Marketing And Public Relations Intern

Token Metrics

Columbus, OH

Celeste Lafleur

Outreach Coordinator And Americorps Member

Yao Jin

Associate Professor Of Supply Chain Management

Miami University

West Chester, OH

William Lack

Cincinnati, OH

Ken Todd

Vice President, Video Strategy And Emerging Platform Marketing

Showtime Networks Inc.

New York, NY

Lindsay Miller

Assistant Head Of Advise And Instruct

Miami University

Hamilton, OH

Christopher Mock

Graphic Designer And Video Production Intern

Lincoln, NE

Sandra Mattingly


3Dx An Iacono Company

Cincinnati, OH

Colleagues in the industry: Higher Education

Richard Robertson

Environmental Scientist

Wright State University

Kettering, OH

Tiffany Cramer

Director Of Education And Academic Dean

Southwestern College

Kettering, OH

Kim Sierschula

Assistant Director Of Financial Aid

Wright State University

Kettering, OH

Rebecca Auman

Graduate Intern

Wright State University College Of Science And Mathematics Undergraduate Academic Advising

Kettering, OH

Katharine Solada

Part-Time Faculty

Linn-Benton Community College

Kettering, OH

K Rebecca Servaites

Associate Computer Engineer

University Of Dayton

Kettering, OH

Michelle Shade


Sinclair Community College

Kettering, OH

Bernard Taylor


Ohio State Sports Marketing/Img College

Kettering, OH

Sharon Sager

Kettering, OH

Christopher Sherman

Irc Coordinator

Van Buren Middle Schoool

Kettering, OH

Maura O'neill

Kettering, OH

Lawrence Hussman

Professor Emeritus

Wright State University

Kettering, OH

Aubrey Klosterman's fellow alumni

Mariel Padilla

New York, NY

Chelsea Adelman

Cleveland, OH

Alison Czarnecki

New York, NY

Mikey Conrad

Cincinnati, OH

Jordan Case

Cincinnati, OH

Hunter Miller

New York, NY

Lindsay Crist

Oxford, OH

Steven Fisher

Bowling Green, OH

Sarah Vito

Naples, FL

Sam Hicks

Cincinnati, OH

Alyssa Bowling

Oxford, OH

Brett Harris

Seattle, WA

People with the same major as Aubrey Klosterman

Carolynne Scott

English Literature, Masters, Master Of Arts

Gerald Evanski

English Literature

Gregory Borse

English, English Literature, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

Barbara Sloan

English, Philosophy, Art, History, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

Riad Gneid

Education, English Literature, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Arts

Francesca Caramelle

Mathematics, German, English Literature, Literature, Italian, Spanish

Nancy Stanikowski

Education, English Literature, Masters

Jill Ernst

English Literature

Carolyn Muchow

English Literature, Journalism

Duncan Moon

Russian Language, English Literature, Bachelors

Nisreen Awadallah

English Literature, Bachelors

Professionals with similar skills as Aubrey Klosterman

Danielle Bergey

Inside Sales Account Manager at Proforma Cnr Marketing

Skills: copy editing, indesign, microsoft office, microsoft word, proofreading and 1 more

Alexis Mclaughlin

Freelance Writer at Mps Publishing

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, proofreading, public speaking, social media and 1 more

Tim Hartke

Director Of Client Services at Stephens Direct

Skills: indesign, microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, social media and 1 more

Sharon Sager

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, social media, team leadership

Marcy Cheek

Portfolio Manager at Anthem

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, social media, team leadership

Jennifer Gantner

Writer And Editor

Skills: copy editing, microsoft word, proofreading, public speaking, social media

Aaron Widmar

Senior Editor at Naked Lime

Skills: microsoft office, proofreading, public speaking, team leadership, writing

Katana Williams

Business Development Specialist at Blue Wheel Media

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, social media, team leadership

Andrew Cheesewright

Professional Hockey Player at Free Agent

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, social media, team leadership

Bernard Taylor

Usher at Ohio State Sports Marketing/Img College

Skills: microsoft office, public speaking, social media, team leadership

Paul Likovetz


Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, team leadership

Angela Blackburn

C.s And Sat Co at United States Air Force

Skills: microsoft office, microsoft word, public speaking, social media

People with the same inferred salary ($25,000-35,000)

Joan Rauch

Certified Health Coach at Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Health Coaching

Kettering, OH

Scott Ernest

Teacher at Troy City Schools

Kettering, OH

Alex Caupp

Graphic Designer at Designs Now

Kettering, OH

Joni Watson

Teacher at Dayton Public

Kettering, OH

Jill Fox

Administrative Assistant at Fox Lite

Kettering, OH

Elizabeth Miras

Associate at Bed Bath & Beyond

Kettering, OH

Marjorie Weldie

Substitute Teacher In Parochial Schools

Kettering, OH

April Crommett

Associate Professor at Cedarville University

Kettering, OH

Cara Farris

Pyp Teacher at Colegio San Patricio

Kettering, OH

Jane Mullins

Administrative Assistant at Shiver Security Services Dba Sonitrol Of Sw Ohio

Kettering, OH

Suejin Humienny

Administrative Assistant at Faa

Kettering, OH

Robert Fogg

Teacher at Dayton Christian High School

Kettering, OH