Heidi Drought

Product Specialist at Ladd Industries

roles: Operations

industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Direct contacts

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+1 (937) 299-2931

+1 (480) 921-1135

+1 (937) 581-6101

+1 (937) 299-0000

+1 (937) 454-0837

+1 (937) 344-1353

+1 (937) 299-2391

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Kettering, Ohio, United States



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Product Specialist

ROLES: Operations (Product)

Ladd Industries

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Kettering, OH



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FAQ about Heidi Drought

What basic information is available regarding Heidi Drought?

Heidi Drought is a woman. Right now Heidi is 59 years old. Her current place of residence is in Kettering, OH. Heidi is a fluent English speaker.

Which organization does she work for?

She is employed by Ladd Industries, a company that works in the wholesale sector and currently counts 201-500 employees.

What does Heidi Drought do?

She is employed as a product specialist and pursues a career associated with the following professional field/job: operations, product.

Which college did she attend?

There is no information about her higher education in our database.

What professional areas does she have experience in?

She has expertise in electrical/electronic manufacturing and wholesale.

Who are the people working for the company where Heidi Drought is employed?

The following people are reported to be Heidi Drought's colleagues: Nancy Newcomer, an assembly 2; Paul Zeiser, an accounting manager at ladd industries; Lila Briner, a credit and collections manager; Dana Halverson, a quality manager; Molli Craddock, a director of marketing; Charlene Bulko, a pricing administrator; Brigette King, a product specialist; Bev Lybrook, a product specialist; Jesse Avery, an inside sales representative; Bill Reagan, an applications sales engineer; Shadana Black, a program coordinator; Travis Sobaski, a territory manager.

Is there any information as to how much Heidi Drought makes per month?

Heidi Drought's salary range is $55,000-70,000 per month. The information is provided based on the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Heidi Drought's co-workers at Ladd Industries

Nancy Newcomer

Assembly 2

Xenia, OH

Paul Zeiser

Accounting Manager At Ladd Industries

Dayton, OH

Lila Briner

Credit And Collections Manager

Dayton, OH

Dana Halverson

Quality Manager

Dayton, OH

Molli Craddock

Director Of Marketing

Dayton, OH

Charlene Bulko

Pricing Administrator

Troy, OH

Brigette King

Product Specialist

Dayton, OH

Bev Lybrook

Product Specialist

Dayton, OH

Jesse Avery

Inside Sales Representative

Dayton, OH

Bill Reagan

Applications Sales Engineer

Sacramento, CA

Shadana Black

Program Coordinator

Atlanta, GA

Travis Sobaski

Territory Manager

Des Moines, IA

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Ron Hill

Madison Electric Products

Cleveland, OH

Daniel Griffin


Harrison, OH

Howdyshell Alvin

Babcock & Wilcox

Junction City, OH

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Helm Instrument

Maumee, OH

Mike Rowlett

Square D Company/Schneider Electric

Oxford, OH

Austin Rhodes

Mouser Electronics

Findlay, OH

Poulomi Mazumder

Rockwell Automation

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Bryan Jones


Sidney, OH

Rick Meenach

Cincinnati, OH

Nathan Mast

Mettler-Toledo International, Inc

Gahanna, OH

Annie Chase

Hodges Southwest, Inc.

Austin, TX

William Maynard

Solid State Logic

Los Angeles, CA

Heidi Drought's former colleagues

Phillip Mechatto

Independent Adjuster

Phillip Mechatto

Gulfport, MS

Danny Wood

Quality Supervisor


Asheville, NC

Doug Peterson

National Account Manager

Worthington Industries

Orlando, FL

Wayne Penrod


Ljr Electronics

Dayton, OH

Erica Bell

Bus Operator

Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority

Cincinnati, OH

Adam Bruggeman

Program Coordinator At Montgomery County, Ohio

Montgomery County, Ohio (Oh)

Dayton, OH

Molli Craddock

Pastor Of Adult Ministries

Bayside Community Church

Murfreesboro, TN

Adriane Payne

Dowagiac, MI

Chad Roberts

Global Integrated Marketing Manager

Te Connectivity

Dayton, OH

Mark O'connell

Richmond Y Alrededores, Virginia, Estados

Richmond, VA

Grant Darlington

Director Strategic Account Operations

Standard Register

Dayton, OH

Colleagues in the industry: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

Don Guy

Chief Financial Officer


Kettering, OH

Tom Enciso

Daycare Bus Driver

Wenzler Daycare

Kettering, OH

James Bane

Ashtabula, OH

Larry Dawson

Ashley, OH

Joe Bojanowski

Ashtabula, OH

Akwasi Yeboah

Akron, OH

Teja Nagavalli

Akron, OH

Jamie Campbell

Ansonia, OH

Roger Transue

Ansonia, OH

Lara Culbertson

Akron, OH

Brandon Mcanalley

Akron, OH

Melanie Auel

Addyston, OH

People with the same inferred salary ($55,000-70,000)

Julie Conn

Billing And Coding Specialist at Mckesson

Kettering, OH

Denis Cahill

Developer at Superior Integrated Solutions

Kettering, OH

Lori Keighley

Senior Sales Associate at Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors, Dayton

Kettering, OH

Patricia Wells

Office Manager at Starwin Industries

Kettering, OH

Kim Coder

Subcontract Administrator at Leidos

Kettering, OH

Lori Kendall

Operations Analyst at Pnc

Kettering, OH

Geralyn Bailey

Registered Nurse at Premier Health Partners

Kettering, OH

Ann Davis

Payroll Administrator at Cassano's Inc

Kettering, OH

Valerie Roof

First Assistant Manager at Arbys

Kettering, OH

Kelley Bell

Group Benefits Consultant at Saxon Financial Services

Kettering, OH

Joe Balsamo

It Analyst at Tenneco

Kettering, OH

Chris Vandenabeele

Pressure Washing Consultant

Kettering, OH