Aaia Richard Londono

Chief Executive Officer - Principal at Adaag Consulting Services

level: Cxo

industry: Architecture & Planning

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About Aaia Richard Londono


Miami, Florida, United States



Date of birth

Inferred Salary



Chief Executive Officer - Principal


Adaag Consulting Services

Oct 2000 — Present ∙︎ 23 years 7 months

About Adaag Consulting Services




Arts And Crafts

Company size




Onwer And Principal

Acropolis Arquitectos Constructores

1993 — 1997 ∙︎ 4 years

Chief Construction Estimator

ROLES: Trades

J.h Whitney

1993 — 1997 ∙︎ 4 years

Project Manager

ROLES: Operations (Project Management)

LEVEL: Manager

Roma Construction/The Related Companies

1988 — 1991 ∙︎ 3 years

Chief Executive Officer - Principal


Acropolis Development Group

1997 — Present ∙︎ 27 years


University Of Miami ∙︎ Coral Gables, FL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: design

1991 – 1992

Universidad Nacional De Colombia ∙︎ Bogota, DISTRITO ESPECIAL

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: design

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science

1984 – 1988


green building

construction management


land development

real estate development

site inspections

expert witness

ada compliance

gis applications

energy audits



building codes



Native or bilingual proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency

FAQ about Aaia Richard Londono

Which background information is available on Aaia Richard Londono?

Aaia Richard Londono is a male. He is presently in Miami, FL state. Aaia knows Spanish and English.

What company does he work for?

According to publicly accessible information, he is presently employed by Adaag Consulting Services.

What is his job?

It is believed that he is a chief executive officer - principal. According to public records, his job level is cxo.

Which college did he study at?

Aaia Richard Londono is an University Of Miami graduate. He went to college in 1991 - 1992.

Which industries was he involved in?

He has a background in these fields: architecture & planning and arts and crafts.

Does he have any colleagues?

There are no records of Aaia's workmates in our database.

Does he have skills in green building?

He possesses green building skills, plus 12 other work skills.

Where was Aaia Richard Londono employed before Adaag Consulting Services?

Prior to Adaag Consulting Services, Aaia Richard Londono was employed in 4 different companies including Acropolis Arquitectos Constructores, J.h Whitney, Roma Construction/The Related Companies, and Acropolis Development Group.

What are Aaia Richard Londono's inferred monthly earnings?

Based on our records, Aaia Richard Londono's monthly earnings are $150,000-250,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

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