A.a.e Martin Pehl

Airport Manager at City Of Merced

level: Manager

industry: Government Administration

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About A.a.e Martin Pehl


Merced, California, United States


Date of birth

Inferred Salary



Airport Manager

LEVEL: Manager

City Of Merced

2018 — Present ∙︎ 6 years

About City Of Merced


Merced, CA


Government Administration

Company size




Airport Manager

LEVEL: Manager

County Of Napa

Nov 2006 — Oct 2017 ∙︎ 10 years 11 months

About County Of Napa


Government Administration

Company size


Assistant Airports Manager

County Of San Luis Obispo

Jul 1999 — Nov 2006 ∙︎ 7 years 4 months

About County Of San Luis Obispo


San Luis Obispo, CA


Government Administration

Company size





San Jose State University ∙︎ San Jose, CA

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: aviation

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of science




airport management


project management



aviation security


emergency management

civil aviation

contract management

process improvement

flight safety

commercial aviation



air traffic control

team building


flight planning


human factors

private pilot

project planning

safety management systems

aircraft maintenance



public policy

air charter

FAQ about A.a.e Martin Pehl

Which general information is known about A.a.e Martin Pehl?

They are currently residing in Merced, CA.

What is A.a.e Martin Pehl's workplace?

A.a.e Martin Pehl has a job with City Of Merced, a government administration industry organization created in 1855 with a total staff of 201-500.

What is A.a.e Martin Pehl's profession?

It is known that A.a.e Martin Pehl works as an airport manager. Based on public records, A.a.e Martin Pehl's job level is manager.

What college did A.a.e Martin Pehl go to?

A.a.e Martin Pehl used to attend San Jose State University.

Which industries did A.a.e Martin Pehl work for?

A.a.e Martin Pehl was involved in this area: government administration.

Who does A.a.e Martin Pehl work with?

The following people are reported to be A.a.e Martin Pehl's workmates: Julie Trujillo, a deputy finance officer; Isaac Escobedo, a deputy city att ii; Dan Dabney, a detective; Mike Conway, an assistant to the city manager and parks and recreation; Nancy Lee, an executive assistant; John Bramble, a city manager at city of merced; Elizabeth Ball, an environmental control officer; Lisa Linares, a dispatcher ii at city of merced; Leah Brown, a water conservation coordinator; George Sanchez, a pws parks and trees divisions; Julie Nelson, an assoiate planner; Carlos Lopez, a refuse equipment operator.

Does A.a.e Martin Pehl have professional airports competencies?

Yes, A.a.e Martin Pehl has airports skills along with 30 other professional competencies.

Where was A.a.e Martin Pehl employed before the current workplace?

Before City Of Merced, A.a.e Martin Pehl worked for 2 companies — County Of Napa and County Of San Luis Obispo.

Is there any information as to how much A.a.e Martin Pehl makes a month?

Based on our records, A.a.e Martin Pehl's inferred monthly income is $100,000-150,000. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

A.a.e Martin Pehl's co-workers at City Of Merced

Julie Trujillo

Deputy Finance Officer

Merced, CA

Isaac Escobedo

Deputy City Att Ii

Merced, CA

Dan Dabney


Merced, CA

Mike Conway

Assistant To The City Manager And Parks And Recreation

Merced, CA

Nancy Lee

Executive Assistant

Merced, CA

John Bramble

City Manager At City Of Merced

Merced, CA

Elizabeth Ball

Environmental Control Officer

Merced, CA

Lisa Linares

Dispatcher Ii At City Of Merced

Merced, CA

Leah Brown

Water Conservation Coordinator

Merced, CA

George Sanchez

Pws Parks And Trees Divisions

Merced, CA

Julie Nelson

Assoiate Planner

Merced, CA

Carlos Lopez

Refuse Equipment Operator

Merced, CA

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Fullerton Municipal Airport

Orange County, CA

Richard Brodeur

City Of Corona

Corona, CA

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City Of Petaluma

San Francisco, CA

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County Of Plumas

Greenville, CA

Chris Kreig

Clinton County

Plattsburgh West, NY

Ron Kohler

City Of Orangeburg

Orangeburg, SC

Joseph Malak

Lenawee County

Onsted, MI

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Chesterfield County

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Juan Zapata

Jackson County Airport - Reynolds Field

Ann Arbor, MI

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Corinth Airport

Corinth, MS

Professionals with similar job level: Manager

Christen Rodriguez

Area Manager


Merced, CA

Jarrod Coonce


Agee Construction

Merced, CA

Ashley Weaver

Parks, Recreation And Neighborhoods Manager

City Of Modesto

Merced, CA

Marcus Lung

Western United States Territory Manager


Merced, CA

David Griffith

Production Manager


Merced, CA

Cindy England

Senior A And P Supervisor

Foster Poultry Farms

Merced, CA

Dafne Cardenas


Tony's Cellular

Merced, CA

Alexa Jauregui


Foster Farms

Merced, CA

Renea Angell

Office Operations Manager

Merced, CA

April Coronado


Jack In The Box

Merced, CA

Erika Murillo

Team Leader

Jack In The Box

Merced, CA

Luisa Fomez

General Manager

Domino's Pizza

Merced, CA

A.a.e Martin Pehl's former colleagues

Jessica Anderson

Early Childhood Interventionist

Coyne And Associates Education

Hemet, CA

Nicki Anderson

Associate Broker

Comet Realty

Arroyo Grande, CA

Laura Padilla

Employment Services Worker

County Of Napa

Napa, CA

Larry Allen

San Luis Obispo, CA

Douglas Hawker

San Francisco, CA

Angela Broaddus

Human Resources Manager

City Of Fairfield California

Fairfield, CA

Jessica Myracle

Personal Trainer

Kennedy Club Fitness

Atascadero, CA

Dan Lambert

Gisp, Gis Analyst

City Of Paso Robles

San Luis Obispo, CA

Jeanette Zuniga

Fraud Analyst

State Of California

Sacramento, CA

Justin Ewing

Systems Administrator

Hydrofarm Inc

Petaluma, CA

Carrie Vilas

Blogger And Creator


Turlock, CA

Colleagues in the industry: Government Administration

Jerry Lawrie


Mercede Regional Waste Authority

Merced, CA

David Mirrione

Director, Workforce Investment

County Of Merced

Merced, CA

Linda Berg

Merced, CA

Mary Jauregui

Administrative Supervisor

Merced County Human Services Agency

Merced, CA

Alfredo Mendoza

Contract Officer

San Joaquin County Employment & Economic Development Dept

Merced, CA

Carol Dinuzzo


Southern California Library Cooperative

Merced, CA

Renee Weathers

Accounting Technician

Merced County Public Health Department

Merced, CA

Sylvia Grattan

Merced, CA

Christopher George

Deputy Public Conservator And Guardian And Administrator

County O Merced

Merced, CA

Norma Fuentes

Merced, CA

George Quick

Administrative Services Director

Merced County Fire Department

Merced, CA

Carol Rosa

Finance Manager


Merced, CA

A.a.e Martin Pehl's fellow alumni

Neal Roffmann

Little Rock, AR

Matt Moeller

Park City, UT

Alan Ice

Reno, NV

Marc Stowers

Gardena, CA

Strato Han

San Francisco, CA

Leslie Smith

San Diego County, CA

Bob Searle

Sacramento, CA

Jeffrey Meltzer

Los Angeles, CA

Jess Barrara

Kaneohe, HI

Dan Hahn

Davis, CA

Charles Legrow

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dirk Judkins

Los Angeles, CA

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Aviation, Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science

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Leadership, Aviation

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Jonathan Brown

Business, Aviation

Jon Billman


Timothy Colbath

Aviation, Associates, Associate Of Arts

Professionals with similar skills as A.a.e Martin Pehl

Bob Scoble

Special Projects at Aar Corp.

Skills: air traffic control, aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airlines, airport management and 14 more

Stefano Marras

Certified Flight Instructor, Company Check Airmen, Part 141 Standardization Manager at Sierra Academy Of Aeronautics International Training Center

Skills: aircraft, airlines, airports, aviation, aviation security and 11 more

Dennis Martin

Aircraft Mechanic at Urs Corporation

Skills: aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airlines, airports, aviation and 7 more

Jose Sanchez

Aircraft Mechanic- Air Methods at Air Methods

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Paul Floyd

Crewman Instructor at Global Aerospace Logistics Llc (Gal)

Skills: aircraft, aircraft maintenance, aviation, commercial aviation, emergency management and 6 more

Darren Prock

A And P Mechanic And Inspector And Supervisor at Air Methods

Skills: aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airlines, airports, aviation and 5 more

Eric Pearson

Skills: aircraft, aircraft maintenance, airlines, airports, aviation and 4 more

Duane Webb

Skills: airlines, aviation, commercial aviation, process improvement, project planning and 2 more

Steven Rough

Executive Director at Hope Mountain Foundation

Skills: contract management, government, process improvement, project management, project planning and 2 more

Luis Mendez

Facilities Director at Yosemite Church

Skills: contract management, government, policy, process improvement, project management and 2 more

Pamela Turpen

Electric Meter Technician at Pacific Gas And Electric Company

Skills: contract management, government, policy, process improvement, project management and 2 more

Katherine Gudgel

Kindergarten Teacher at St. Paul Lutheran School

Skills: airlines, airports, aviation, charter, commercial aviation and 2 more

People with the same inferred salary ($100,000-150,000)

Albaro Martinez

Clerk At International Students Services Office at Merced College

Merced, CA

Abel Bautista

Quad Graphics at Quad/Graphics

Merced, CA

Alan Waterman

Distinguished Engineer at Tivo

Merced, CA

Bianca Rodriguez

Front Desk Administrative Assistant at University Of California, Merced

Merced, CA

Armando Saenz

Operation Manager at Merced Rescue Mission

Merced, CA

Ashley Pierce

Calf Manager at Cal Poly Dairy

Merced, CA

Antonio Silva

Dairy Manager at A&C Machado

Merced, CA

Amy Bultena

Visual And Performing Arts Educator at Stanislaus County

Merced, CA

Alejandro Delgadillo

Associate Director

Merced, CA

Amber Bostelman

Server And Student And Someday A Nurse at Vito

Merced, CA

Ana Loewen

Senior Loan Officer at Guild Mortgage

Merced, CA

Alma Cordeiro

Cna And Pharmacy Technician at Nigthgale Nurse Services

Merced, CA

People with similar names