Aaisha Karim

Oem Operations Lead at Cdata Software

roles: Operations

level: Manager

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States



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Oem Operations Lead

ROLES: Operations

LEVEL: Manager

Cdata Software

Aug 2020 — Present ∙︎ 3 years 11 months

About Cdata Software


Chapel Hill, NC


Computer Software

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University Of Houston

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of business administration

2017 – 2019

FAQ about Aaisha Karim

What background information is available regarding Aaisha Karim?

Aaisha Karim is a female. She is based in Raleigh, NC at the moment.

Where does Aaisha Karim work?

Based on our records, she works for Cdata Software, a computer software company that currently has 51-200 employees.

What is Aaisha Karim's occupation?

It is reported that she works as an oem operations lead and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: operations. According to our records, she has a manager level position.

Which college did she go to?

Aaisha Karim was a student at University Of Houston. She attended college from 2017 to 2019.

What industries does Aaisha Karim have experience in?

She has been involved in this area: computer software.

Is any information available about the people who work with Aaisha Karim?

The following people are reported to be her workmates: Brooks Estes, a technician support engineer; Dylan Pagillo, a front end web developer; Jerod Johnson, a technology evangelist october 2014 - december 2015: software developer july 2013 - october; Taylor Grubbs, a technical support engineer; Jared Feeny, an account manager; Mitch Graw, a software engineer; Christopher Hoffman, a technical project manager; Alex Pauncz, a content manager and seo specialist; Gent Hito, a president; Amit Sharma, a chief executive officer; Kun Qian, a frontend web developer.

Is there any information as to how much Aaisha Karim makes per month?

Aaisha Karim's inferred salary is $85,000-100,000. This information is provided based on the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aaisha Karim's co-workers at Cdata Software

Brooks Estes

Technician Support Engineer

Raleigh, NC

Dylan Pagillo

Front End Web Developer

Raleigh, NC

Jerod Johnson

Technology Evangelist October 2014 - December 2015: Software Developer July 2013 - October

Raleigh, NC

Taylor Grubbs

Technical Support Engineer

Raleigh, NC

Jared Feeny

Account Manager

Raleigh, NC

Mitch Graw

Software Engineer

Raleigh, NC

Christopher Hoffman

Technical Project Manager

Raleigh, NC

Alex Pauncz

Content Manager And Seo Specialist

Raleigh, NC

Gent Hito


Chapel Hill, NC

Amit Sharma

Chief Executive Officer

Chapel Hill, NC

Kun Qian

Frontend Web Developer

Chapel Hill, NC

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Matt Buchanan

Senior Manager Vice President Quality Assurance

First Citizens Bank

Raleigh, NC

Eleana Sessoms

Public Health Program Consultant And Spap Project Manager

Nc Department Of Public Health/Aids Drug Assistance Program

Raleigh, NC

Erik Garfinkle

Engagement Manager

Network To Code

Raleigh, NC

Diane Ivie

Project Leader And Scientific Content Liaison

Education & Training Systems International

Raleigh, NC

Cayla Wilson

Program Lead, Learning And Development


Raleigh, NC

Justin Raynor

Floor Supervisor

Tommy Hilfiger

Raleigh, NC

Michael Zollo

Radiology Supervisor, Or

Raleigh, NC

Stuart Bobbitt

Manager Mainframe And Software Services

North Carolina State Government

Raleigh, NC

Kathy Wiseman

Property Manager

Partnership Properties

Raleigh, NC

Maritess Agag

Counter Manager Shiseido


Raleigh, NC

Linda Jaubert

Collections Manager

Orange County Tax Administration

Raleigh, NC

Eric Forrest

It Service Center Lead


Raleigh, NC

Aaisha Karim's former colleagues

Shuai Guo

Software Engineer

Amazon Web Services

Seattle, WA

Kun Qian

Frontend Web Developer

Cdata Software

Chapel Hill, NC

Tony Hito

Chief Financial Officer And Vice President Of Sales

Callback Technologies

Chapel Hill, NC

Christopher Hoffman

Technical Project Manager

Cdata Software

Raleigh, NC

Justin Bethea

Virtual Sales Specialist


Raleigh, NC

Alec Vtorov

Technical Process Analyst


San Francisco, CA

Tyler Mccoy

Boulder, CO

Michael Albritton

Managing Director


Carrboro, NC

Alex Pretty

Global Markets Intelligence Analyst Ii

Raleigh, NC

Hayley Stueber

Tulsa, OK

Drew Dalton

Account Manager

/N Software

Chapel Hill, NC

Jon Coulter

Senior Front-End Developer

Pace Communications

Raleigh, NC

Aaisha Karim's fellow alumni

Bill Hurlbert

Dallas, TX

Darrell Toups

Grand Saline, TX

Kara Courville

Austin, TX

Linda Maus

Bentonville, AR

Greg Doster

Conroe, TX

Nancy Toberman

Sugar Land, TX

Carlos Franco

Houston, TX

Linjin Li

Philadelphia, PA

Munir Shivji

Hyde Park, MA

Anh Singhania

Irving, TX

Kathy Kim

Houston, TX

Judith Flores

Houston, TX

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Software Engineer at Cisco

Raleigh, NC

Abdoulaye Gueye

Perishable Manager at Food Lion

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Staff Attorney at Legal Aid Of North Carolina

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Aaron Halsey

Service Manager at The Connor Group

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Abby Joyner

Agriculture Client Experience Specialist

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Risk Manager at Ascension

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People with similar names

Aaisha Karim


Raleigh, NC