Aaliyah Orr

Sales Associate at Pvh Corp.

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Sacramento, California, United States



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Sales Associate

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

Pvh Corp.

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New York, NY


Apparel & Fashion

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FAQ about Aaliyah Orr

Which general information about Aaliyah Orr is available in our database?

Aaliyah Orr is a female. She presently resides in Sacramento, CA.

What company does Aaliyah Orr work with?

She is known to be an employee at Pvh Corp., a apparel & fashion industry organization created in 1881 with a total of 10001+ employees.

What does she do?

She is employed as a sales associate and pursues a career related to the following professional field/occupation: sales, accounts.

Which college did she study at?

We couldn't find any information about her college degree.

What industries does Aaliyah Orr have experience in?

She worked in the industry of apparel & fashion.

Who else is an employee at the company Aaliyah Orr works for?

Aaliyah Orr's workmates are Amanda Anderson, a sales manager; Teresa Ashley, a store manager; Amy Beato, an executive assistant to senior vice president product design, vice president global supply chain, vice president activewear; Heather Reckner, a sales associate; Melanie Octavio, a floor supervisor; Victor Ting, a manager wholesale support and allocations; Jess Rivera, a 1st technical designer; Jessica Curiel, a pv; Brian Lai, a senior manager, ecommerce; Melissa Schmidt, a store manager; Jose Nunez, an assistant manager; Ricky Edmonson, a wm senior developer at pvh.

What are Aaliyah Orr's monthly earnings?

According to our records, Aaliyah Orr's inferred monthly earnings are $55,000-70,000. The information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aaliyah Orr's co-workers at Pvh Corp.

Amanda Anderson

Sales Manager

Sacramento, CA

Teresa Ashley

Store Manager

Sacramento, CA

Amy Beato

Executive Assistant To Senior Vice President Product Design, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Vice President Activewear

Cypress, CA

Heather Reckner

Sales Associate

Los Angeles, CA

Melanie Octavio

Floor Supervisor

San Francisco, CA

Victor Ting

Manager Wholesale Support And Allocations

Orange County, CA

Jess Rivera

1St Technical Designer

Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Curiel


Dinuba, CA

Brian Lai

Senior Manager, Ecommerce

Pasadena, CA

Melissa Schmidt

Store Manager

Whittier, CA

Jose Nunez

Assistant Manager

Nipomo, CA

Ricky Edmonson

Wm Senior Developer At Pvh

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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Jaci Zemenchik

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Best Buy

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Aaliyah Orr's former colleagues

Jenni Collichio

Principal And Interior Designer

Hydrangea Interiors

White Plains, NY

Bob Holloway

Self Employed

Philadelphia, PA

Joe Riccie

Practice Leader

New York, NY

Steve Correia

Agoura Hills, CA

Ted Sattler

Independent Consultant

Pvh Jones Ny Thomas Pink Wrap 6/13 Present

New York, NY

Michael Holland

Wexford, PA

Michael Chapman

Vice President, Retail Operations And Service


New York, NY

Gina Howard

Burlington, VT

Carolyn Jones

Dallas, TX

Patricia Gerdon

Senior Program Manager

Virtual, Inc.

New York, NY

Bryan Robertson

Chief Revenue Officer


Fall River, MA

Dan Cochran

Vice President Real Estate

Carter's | Oshkosh B'gosh

New York, NY

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Adam Freas

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Aaliyah Orr

Front Desk Agent

Grand Rapids, MI

Alea Orr

Principal And Owner

Tucson, AZ