Liben Eabisa

Founder And Publisher at Tadias Magazine

level: Owner

industry: Publishing

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About Liben Eabisa


New York, New York, United States


Date of birth

Inferred Salary


Founder And Publisher

LEVEL: Owner

Tadias Magazine

2003 — Present ∙︎ 21 years


social media




FAQ about Liben Eabisa

What information is known about Liben Eabisa?

They are a resident of New York, NY. They are fond of print and digital media.

Where does Liben Eabisa work?

Liben Eabisa reportedly works at Tadias Magazine.

What does Liben Eabisa do?

Liben Eabisa is believed to work as a founder and publisher. Based on public records, Liben's job level is owner.

Does Liben Eabisa have an academic degree?

No higher education records for Liben Eabisa have been found.

What are the industries that Liben Eabisa has professional experience in?

Liben Eabisa has already worked for the following industry: publishing.

Is any information available about Liben Eabisa's colleagues?

There is no information about Liben Eabisa's colleagues.

Does Liben Eabisa have social media skills?

Liben Eabisa possesses social media skills and 2 other career skills.

What's Liben Eabisa's inferred monthly income?

No information about Liben Eabisa's monthly income range has been found.

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