A Sustainable Future

Event at United Green

roles: Public Relations

industry: Environmental Services

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San Diego, California, United States


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ROLES: Public Relations (Events)

United Green

About United Green


London, LONDON


Venture Capital & Private Equity

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Green Conference

United Green

Feb 2007 — Present ∙︎ 17 years 3 months

About United Green


London, LONDON


Venture Capital & Private Equity

Company size



FAQ about A Sustainable Future

Which general information is available about A Sustainable Future?

They are presently in San Diego, CA state. They love wind.

Which organization does A Sustainable Future work for?

A Sustainable Future works at United Green, an organization engaged in the venture capital & private equity industry with 11-50 employees in total.

What is A Sustainable Future's job?

It is reported that A Sustainable Future works as an event and has a career related to the following professional field/occupation: public relations, events.

Is A Sustainable Future a university graduate?

There is no information about A Sustainable Future's higher education in our database.

Which industries did A Sustainable Future work for?

A Sustainable Future has worked in various fields including environmental services and venture capital & private equity.

Is there any information about the people who work with A Sustainable Future?

According to our database, United Green also employs these people: Alexander Yakovlev, a general manager imf car; Harish Bhatiya, an engineer.

Where did A Sustainable Future work previously?

A Sustainable Future had a job at United Green.

Is there any information as to how much A Sustainable Future makes every month?

No information is available about A Sustainable Future's monthly income range.

A Sustainable Future's co-workers at United Green

Alexander Yakovlev

General Manager Imf Car

University, MS

Harish Bhatiya


Schenectady, NY

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A Sustainable Future's former colleagues

Walter Meyer

Speaker And Consultant

Anti-Bullying Speaker And Consultant

San Diego, CA

Sergiy Syvoplyas

Chief Executive Officer And Co-Owner

Terra Solar

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Karlee Dunn-Jackson

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Ceepee Industries

Rochester, MI

Colleagues in the industry: Environmental Services

Robert Boone

San Diego, CA

Taryn Shannon

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Roy Butz

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