A William Stein

Chief Financial And Investment Officer at Digital Realty

roles: Finance

industry: Commercial Real Estate

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San Francisco, California, United States



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Chief Financial And Investment Officer

ROLES: Finance (Investment)

Digital Realty

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San Francisco, CA


Information Technology And Services

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University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law ∙︎ Pittsburgh, PA

Post-secondary institution

DEGREE: doctor of jurisprudence, doctorates

1975 – 1978

Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School Of Business ∙︎ Pittsburgh, PA

Post-secondary institution

1985 – 1988

Princeton University ∙︎ Princeton, NJ

Post-secondary institution

MAJORS: classics

DEGREE: bachelors, bachelor of arts

1971 – 1975

FAQ about A William Stein

What information is known about A William Stein?

A William Stein is a man. He currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

What is his present workplace?

According to our files, he is currently employed at Digital Realty, a information technology and services industry organization created in 2004 with a total of 501-1000 employees.

What is A William Stein's occupation?

He is a chief financial and investment officer and pursues a career related to the following professional area/job: finance, investment.

Did he go to college?

A William Stein is a graduate of University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law. He studied there in 1975 - 1978.

What professional fields does A William Stein have experience in?

He has worked in the fields of commercial real estate and information technology and services.

Has he got any colleagues?

According to our database, these people also work for the company: Justin Chang, a corporate counsel , litigation and employment; Mike Plesha, a data center manager; Tom Mondani, a west region sales director; Sebastien Cayolle, a vice president, risk management; Larry Goad, a santa clara technician ops manager; James Trout, a svp, portfolio and technical operations; Jerry Culver, a senior director, business operations; Scott Stewart, a director, finance; Andrea Barney, a construction accountant; Alexis Ford, a corporate counsel; Tahir Khalil, a data center design engineer; Anthony Cdcdp, a senior global solutions engineer - hyperscale solutions engineering - sales engineering team.

What is A William Stein's salary range?

A William Stein earns $100,000-150,000 every month. This information is provided based on the data available for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

A William Stein's co-workers at Digital Realty

Justin Chang

Corporate Counsel , Litigation And Employment

San Francisco, CA

Mike Plesha

Data Center Manager

San Francisco, CA

Tom Mondani

West Region Sales Director

San Francisco, CA

Sebastien Cayolle

Vice President, Risk Management

San Francisco, CA

Larry Goad

Santa Clara Technician Ops Manager

San Francisco, CA

James Trout

Svp, Portfolio And Technical Operations

San Francisco, CA

Jerry Culver

Senior Director, Business Operations

San Francisco, CA

Scott Stewart

Director, Finance

San Francisco, CA

Andrea Barney

Construction Accountant

San Francisco, CA

Alexis Ford

Corporate Counsel

San Francisco, CA

Tahir Khalil

Data Center Design Engineer

San Francisco, CA

Anthony Cdcdp

Senior Global Solutions Engineer - Hyperscale Solutions Engineering - Sales Engineering Team

San Francisco, CA

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A William Stein's former colleagues

Thang Huynh

Technical Program Manager

Credit Karma

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Kelley Beauchamp

Senior Payroll Accountant

Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.

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Angelina Leeds

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Commercial Brokers Association (Cba)

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Oceanic Data Centers

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Casey Holt


Psai Realty Partners, Llc

San Francisco, CA

Erica Green

Director, Systems And Process Improvement | Customer Operations | Portfolio Operations

Digital Realty

New York, NY

Colleagues in the industry: Commercial Real Estate

Bethany Teodoro

San Francisco, CA

Gloria So

San Francisco, CA

Aviva Duffy

San Francisco, CA

Stuart Curyea

San Francisco, CA

Rodrigo Medeiros

San Francisco, CA

Craig Zodikoff

San Francisco, CA

Dashin Rogers

San Francisco, CA

Danielle Krigel

San Francisco, CA

Charlotte Holland

San Francisco, CA

A William Stein's fellow alumni

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Alexandria, VA

Reid Whitlock

Charlottesville, VA

David Parsons

Sebastopol, CA

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Tampa, FL

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Portland, OR

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New York, NY

Warren Matthei

New York, NY

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