Aarika Gardner

Pa-S at Stephens College

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Columbia, Missouri, United States



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Stephens College

Aug 2019 — Present ∙︎ 4 years 10 months

About Stephens College


Columbia, MO


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Missouri State University ∙︎ Springfield, MO

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2014 – 2018

FAQ about Aarika Gardner

What kind of background information is known about Aarika Gardner?

Aarika Gardner is a woman. She is currently a resident in Columbia, MO.

Which company does she work for?

Public records show that she has a job with Stephens College, a higher education industry company created in 1833 with a total staff of 201-500.

What is Aarika Gardner's occupation?

It is believed that she is employed as a pa-s.

Does she have an academic degree?

Aarika Gardner is a graduate of Missouri State University. She studied there in 2014 - 2018.

Which professional areas was she involved in?

She has reportedly worked in the following area: higher education.

Who else is an employee at the company she works for?

She has the following workmates: Kerri Yost, an associate professor; Pamela Ellsworth-Smith, a voice professor; William Sutherland, an instructor; Sydney Hamilton, an admissions counselor; Kerry Crist, an adjunct instructor; Kelly Noel, a professor; Tom Andes, a music professor at stephens college; Richard Enyard, a director human resources at stephens college; Kim Ritten, a director of development and community relations; Sarah Denninghoff, a director of community riding and western instructor; Maureen Lowary, an assistant professor, fashion design; Catherine Catherinewithrow, an instructor.

What's Aarika Gardner's inferred salary?

There is no information about Aarika Gardner's salary.

Aarika Gardner's co-workers at Stephens College

Kerri Yost

Associate Professor

Columbia, MO

Pamela Ellsworth-Smith

Voice Professor

Columbia, MO

William Sutherland


Columbia, MO

Sydney Hamilton

Admissions Counselor

Columbia, MO

Kerry Crist

Adjunct Instructor

Columbia, MO

Kelly Noel


Columbia, MO

Tom Andes

Music Professor At Stephens College

Columbia, MO

Richard Enyard

Director Human Resources At Stephens College

Columbia, MO

Kim Ritten

Director Of Development And Community Relations

Columbia, MO

Sarah Denninghoff

Director Of Community Riding And Western Instructor

Columbia, MO

Maureen Lowary

Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

Columbia, MO

Catherine Catherinewithrow


Columbia, MO

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Aarika Gardner's former colleagues

Elizabeth Demaria

Museum Technician

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Port Jefferson, NY

Tara Giblin

Irvine, CA

Cara Leis

Vice President, Partner Success


Atlanta, GA

Alan Lynes

Development Officer

Investigative Reporters And Editors

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Heather Hillhouse

Theatre Technician And Technical Director At Lincoln Southeast High At Lincoln Public Schools

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Sarah Whorton

Equipment And Editing Laboratory Manager

Stephens College

Columbia, MO

Nancy Carr

Chief Executive Officer

San Diego, CA

Barton Anderson

Electronic Medical Record Manager

Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network

Mesa, AZ

Aarika Gardner's fellow alumni

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