Sosaia Vaaivaka

Outside Sales And Counter Sales at Standard Plumbing Supply

roles: Sales

industry: Wholesale

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Cedar City, Utah, United States



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Outside Sales And Counter Sales

ROLES: Sales (Accounts)

Standard Plumbing Supply

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Sandy, UT



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FAQ about Sosaia Vaaivaka

Which background information is available regarding Sosaia Vaaivaka in our database?

Sosaia Vaaivaka is a man. He is from Cedar City, UT.

What company does Sosaia Vaaivaka work with?

Based on public records, he works at Standard Plumbing Supply, an organization engaged in the wholesale industry since 1952, with 501-1000 employees in total.

What kind of work does he do?

He is an outside sales and counter sales and pursues a career associated with the following professional area/job: sales, accounts.

What college did he study at?

There is no information about his college education in our database.

What industries does Sosaia Vaaivaka have work experience in?

He worked in this area: wholesale.

Who else works at the company he is employed by?

Sosaia Vaaivaka works with Artois Melendez, an accounts receivable for stores outside of utah; Greg Pierce, a manager and sales; Trent Burlison, a maintenance technician; Marcie Taylor, a showroom assistant; Clay Thornton, a hydronics department manager and sales; Joseph Gray, a director- supply chain resources; Trevor Jenson, a sales representative; Janae Weaver, a sale associate; Annika Stohel, a show room sales; Danette Moeai, a showroom sales manager; Jordan Leon, a driver.

What are Sosaia Vaaivaka's monthly earnings?

Sosaia Vaaivaka earns $70,000-85,000 per month. This information is provided based on the availability of data aggregated for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Sosaia Vaaivaka's co-workers at Standard Plumbing Supply

Artois Melendez

Accounts Receivable For Stores Outside Of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Greg Pierce

Manager And Sales

South Jordan, UT

Trent Burlison

Maintenance Technician

Salt Lake City, UT

Marcie Taylor

Showroom Assistant

Salt Lake City, UT

Clay Thornton

Hydronics Department Manager And Sales

South Jordan, UT

Joseph Gray

Director- Supply Chain Resources

Sandy, UT

Trevor Jenson

Sales Representative

Provo, UT

Janae Weaver

Sale Associate

Wellsville, UT

Annika Stohel

Show Room Sales

Provo, UT

Danette Moeai

Showroom Sales Manager

American Fork, UT

Jordan Leon


Moab, UT

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Kent Holzknecht

Louisville Auto Spring

Louisville, KY

Sosaia Vaaivaka's former colleagues

Mitchell Curtis

Supervisor Of Mini Bar And Vending And Arcade

Aria Resort & Casino

Las Vegas, NV

Mark Rawlings

General Manager, Designer, And Manufacturer

Arkmann Design And Manufacturing

Salt Lake City, UT

Ryan Pond

Operations Manager

Beehive Pipe Products

Sandy, UT

Carl Motron

Senior Warehouse Clerk

American Gilsonite Company

Vernal, UT

Christine Farinelli

Premier Fragrance Consultant

Gold Canyon Candle

Madera, CA

Dave Freeman

Orem, UT

Lisa Ryther


Parsons Behle & Latimer

Salt Lake City, UT

Patrick Vargas

Technical Support

H&R Block

Bountiful, UT

Gustavo Zamora

District Manager

Mannington Mills, Inc.

South Jordan, UT

Brett Atkinson

Vice President Data Analytics

Deseret Digital Media

Salt Lake City, UT

Cameron Williams

It Service Desk Specialist Ii

Fruitland, ID

Carole Novielli


Live Action

Dallas, TX

Colleagues in the industry: Wholesale

Brock Holyoak

Joint Chief Executive Officer

Got Goat Cattle Company

Cedar City, UT

Christopher England

Director Of Marketing

Cedar City, UT

Nicole Eggen


Castle Creek Candle Company

Cedar City, UT

John Voelpel

Wholesale Manager

Southwest Plumbing Supply

Cedar City, UT

David Smith

Inside Sales And Receipts Manager

La Cups & Cakes

Cedar City, UT

Natalie Dobbins

Call Center Manager

Go Green Enterprises

Cedar City, UT

Todd Hess

Chief Marketing Officer

G.o Green Enterprises

Cedar City, UT

Dennis Raban


Electrical Wholesale Supply

Cedar City, UT

Jimmy Conaway

Cedar City, UT

Matt James

Risk Assessment Manager

Associated Food Stores

Cedar City, UT

Mark Mcgahan

Preferred Representative


Cedar City, UT

Cody Ille

Outside Sales

Codale Electric Supply, Inc.

Cedar City, UT

People with the same inferred salary ($70,000-85,000)

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Facilities Specialist And Security Professional

Cedar City, UT

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Production Team Lead at Astonics

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Information Technology Support at State Bank Of Southern Utah

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Alisa Skiby

Sales Associate Plus One Company at Plusone Company

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Real Estate Sales Agent at Era Real Estate

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Office Manager at Loan Stop

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Austin Vayavananda

Csr And Sales at Infowest Inc

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Registered Nurse at Intermountain Healthcare

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Registered Nurse at Wakonda Heritage Mannor

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Darrell Olmsted

Vice President, Facility Operations, Biogas And Wastewater Operations at Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.

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Programmer Analyst at Southern Utah University

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Customer Loyalty Representative at Vivint Smart Home

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