Btissame Yaacoubi

Engineer at State Street

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States


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ROLES: Engineering

State Street

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Boston, MA


Financial Services

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FAQ about Btissame Yaacoubi

Which information is available about Btissame Yaacoubi?

They are presently living in Boston, MA.

Which business does Btissame Yaacoubi work for?

According to public records, Btissame Yaacoubi has a job with State Street, a financial services industry organization created in 1792 with a total staff of 10001+.

What is Btissame Yaacoubi's profession?

It is reported that Btissame Yaacoubi is an engineer and has a career related to the following professional field/occupation: engineering.

Which college did Btissame Yaacoubi attend?

No information is available about Btissame Yaacoubi's university education.

What are the industries that Btissame Yaacoubi has professional experience in?

Btissame Yaacoubi has expertise in financial services.

Is any information available about Btissame Yaacoubi's colleagues?

The following people also work for this company: Skylar Hart, an engineer; Kent Smith, an accountant; Richard Cheung, an accounting and pricing specialist; Andrew Czuchra, an account manager; Erich Umar; Wen Xi, an ais - tax supervisor and senior associate; Dantong Chen, an account controller; Josephine Tran, a 2016 lead internship program; Shannon Flood, an administrative assistant; Carolyn Feliciano, an aml and kyc specialist; Steven Marrow; Cindy Wong, an accounts receivable billing.

How much does Btissame Yaacoubi make a month?

Our records show that Btissame Yaacoubi earns $70,000-85,000 per month. The information is provided in accordance with the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Btissame Yaacoubi's co-workers at State Street

Skylar Hart


Boston, MA

Kent Smith


Boston, MA

Richard Cheung

Accounting And Pricing Specialist

Boston, MA

Andrew Czuchra

Account Manager

Boston, MA

Erich Umar

Boston, MA

Wen Xi

Ais - Tax Supervisor And Senior Associate

Boston, MA

Dantong Chen

Account Controller

Boston, MA

Josephine Tran

2016 Lead Internship Program

Boston, MA

Shannon Flood

Administrative Assistant

Boston, MA

Carolyn Feliciano

Aml And Kyc Specialist

Boston, MA

Steven Marrow

Boston, MA

Cindy Wong

Accounts Receivable Billing

Boston, MA

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Anthony Ciaramitaro

Applied Materials

Boston, MA

Alain Boutin


Boston, MA

Ridge Smith


Boston, MA

Lani Hack

Seres Therapeutics

Boston, MA

Alex Candiloro

P.gioioso & Sons

Boston, MA

Michael Robert

S&P Global

Boston, MA

Brett Kolmeister

Solaflect Energy

Boston, MA

John Hayes


Boston, MA

Ames Jones

Homewood Suites

Boston, MA

Kyle Moran

Otis Elevator Company

Boston, MA

Sam Hubert


Boston, MA

Jeff Weller

Massachusetts Central Railroad

Boston, MA

Btissame Yaacoubi's former colleagues

Steven Alfano

Boston, MA

William Luther

Board Member

Small Property Owners Association

Cambridge, MA

Ken Burger

Novelist, Columnist, Blogger, Speaker And All-Around Good Guy

Charleston, SC

Elaine Simonelli

Caregiver To The Elderly


East Weymouth, MA

Marianne Murphy


Town Of Walpole

Walpole, MA

Janet Morrissey

Boston, MA

Patricia Ferguson

Senior Systems Engineer

U.s. Bank

Boston, MA

Larry Bartlett

Boston, MA

Joseph Belanger


The Brattle Group

Boston, MA

Edward Davis


Ejd Consulting

Needham, MA

Patti Walsh

Vice President - It Corporate Systems And Operations Program Manager

State Street

Boston, MA

Karen Hennebury

Office Manager

Infowires Contracting

Boston, MA

People with the same inferred salary ($70,000-85,000)

A.j Dixon

Registered Nurse at Concord Hospital

Boston, MA

A.j Burnett

Meteorologist And Weather Producer At Wcvb-Tv In Boston Voice Over Talent at Hearst Television

Boston, MA

Aaron Marshall

Account Executive at Netcracker

Boston, MA

Aaron Parry

Manager, Media Analytics at Marc Usa

Boston, MA

Aaron Parsons

Real Estate Specialist at National Grid

Boston, MA

Aaron Dy

Senior Analyst at Health Advances

Boston, MA

Aanshika Khandelwal

Cpg Data Analyst at Repsly

Boston, MA

Aaron Kearney

Uniform Security at Data Quest

Boston, MA

Aaron Prodeus

Senior Scientist, T-Cell Engineering at Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.

Boston, MA

Aashish Jain

Systems Analyst at University Of Massachusetts Lowell

Boston, MA

Aaron Lawrenxe

Marketing at Lord And Taylor

Boston, MA

Aaron Silva

Combat Engineer at Ma Army National Guard

Boston, MA