Aakash Mohpal

Graduate Student Instructor, Economics at University Of Michigan

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States



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Graduate Student Instructor, Economics

ROLES: Education (Professor)

University Of Michigan

Aug 2013 — Present ∙︎ 10 years 9 months

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Ann Arbor, MI


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FAQ about Aakash Mohpal

What information is available in our database regarding Aakash Mohpal?

Aakash Mohpal is a man. He resides in Ann Arbor, MI.

Which organization is Aakash Mohpal employed by?

Our records show that he has a job with University Of Michigan, a higher education company established in the year of 1817 that employs 10001+ people.

What kind of work does he do?

He is a graduate student instructor, economics and pursues a career related to the following professional area/occupation: education, professor.

Does he have a university degree?

No information is available about his college education.

What industries did Aakash Mohpal work in?

He has worked in this area: higher education.

Who are the people working at the same company as Aakash Mohpal?

The following people are reported to be his colleagues: Sally Ramon-English, an administrative assistant; Maria Johnson; Matthew Hastings, an accountant intermediate; Emily Dickinson; Xiuli Zhou, an academic and res program officer and assi res scientist; Angelique Do, an administrative assistant; Ning Ding; Nicholas Faulkner; Paul Epstein; Jerry Thornton; Wilson Sheree, an administration at university of michigan.

Is there any information as to how much Aakash Mohpal earns per month?

Aakash Mohpal's inferred salary is $45,000-55,000. The information is provided based on the statistics analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Aakash Mohpal's co-workers at University Of Michigan

Sally Ramon-English

Administrative Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

Maria Johnson

Ann Arbor, MI

Matthew Hastings

Accountant Intermediate

Ann Arbor, MI

Emily Dickinson

Ann Arbor, MI

Xiuli Zhou

Academic And Res Program Officer And Assi Res Scientist

Ann Arbor, MI

Angelique Do

Administrative Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

Ning Ding

Ann Arbor, MI

Nicholas Faulkner

Ann Arbor, MI

Paul Epstein

Ann Arbor, MI

Jerry Thornton

Ann Arbor, MI

Wilson Sheree

Administration At University Of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

Aakash Mohpal's former colleagues

David Knapp

Professor Emeritus, Dean Emeritus

Frederick, MD

Sue Veach

Business Development Consultant

Washington, DC

Harley Schwadron

Syndicated Cartoonist

Nationally Syndicated Cartoonist Published Book Illustrator

Ann Arbor, MI

Joseph Teresa

Chief Executive Officer

Quality Associates

Washington, DC

Joel Saper

Clinical Professor Of Neurology

Michigan State University

Ann Arbor, MI

Robert Cares

Reader And Team Leader

Measurement Incorporated

Karen Graves


Handicraft Club

Providence, RI

Bill Williams


Hunter College

New York, NY

Scott Fogler

Vennema Professor

U Of Michgan

Detroit, MI

Willis Patterson



Ann Arbor, MI

David Ballou

Ski Instructor

Mt Brighton

Detroit, MI

David Segal

Professor Emeritus Of Sociology, Founding Director, Center For Research On Military Organization

University Of Maryland

College Park, MD

People with the same inferred salary ($45,000-55,000)

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Field Service at Abb

Ann Arbor, MI

Alexa Rakoski

Graduate Student Writer at University Of Michigan

Ann Arbor, MI

Abbie Moccio

Nurse Assistant

Ann Arbor, MI

Alex Marshalek

Manufacturing Engineer at Spacex

Ann Arbor, MI

Ali Assi

Research Assistant, Science Biomedical Research Program Fellow at University Of Michigan Health System

Ann Arbor, MI

Alex Mauthe

Claims Social Media Investigation Intern at Secura Insurance

Ann Arbor, MI

Aditya Gopal

Associate Technical Recruiter at Tekwissen ®

Ann Arbor, MI

Abdihamid Abdirahman

Front Desk Receptionist

Ann Arbor, MI

Adam Long

Global Market Data Analyst at Bloomberg Lp

Ann Arbor, MI

Aileen Zhao

Administrative Fellow at Emory Healthcare

Ann Arbor, MI

Abdullah Alqahtani

Pg Resident In Restorative Dentistry at University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry

Ann Arbor, MI

Adam Burak

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University Of Utah College Of Mines And Earth Science

Ann Arbor, MI

People with similar names

Aakash Mohpal


Washington, DC