Darren Callahan

Aircraft Preflight Inspector at Delta Air Lines

industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Jonesboro, Georgia, United States



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Aircraft Preflight Inspector

Delta Air Lines

About Delta Air Lines


Atlanta, GA



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FAQ about Darren Callahan

What information is available about Darren Callahan?

Darren Callahan is a male. He is currently residing in Jonesboro, GA.

What organization does Darren Callahan work for right now?

He is known to be an employee at Delta Air Lines, a airlines/aviation industry company created in 1928 with a total of 10001+ employees.

What does Darren Callahan do for a living?

It is reported that he is employed as an aircraft preflight inspector.

Did he go to college?

No information is available about his university degree.

What are the professional fields that Darren Callahan has experience in?

He has reportedly worked for the following industry: airlines/aviation.

Is there any information about the people who work at the same company as Darren Callahan?

These people are also employed by the company where Darren Callahan works: Ivan Montalvo, an amt; Lorraine Godfrey, a tarrif representative; Nicky Bowen, a flight attendant; Staci Higginbotham, a fuel scheduler; James Warner, a pilot; Richardson Jeffery, an aircraft mechanic; Demarion Knight, a customer service agent; Jakki Cross, a logistics attendant; Keith Shipp, a regional manager; Anne Sopson, a customer service agent; Marcus Criss, a flight attendant.

How much does Darren Callahan make a month?

No information is available about Darren Callahan's monthly income.

Darren Callahan's co-workers at Delta Air Lines

Ivan Montalvo


Jonesboro, GA

Lorraine Godfrey

Tarrif Representative

Jonesboro, GA

Nicky Bowen

Flight Attendant

Jonesboro, GA

Staci Higginbotham

Fuel Scheduler

Jonesboro, GA

James Warner


Jonesboro, GA

Richardson Jeffery

Aircraft Mechanic

Jonesboro, GA

Demarion Knight

Customer Service Agent

Jonesboro, GA

Jakki Cross

Logistics Attendant

Jonesboro, GA

Keith Shipp

Regional Manager

Jonesboro, GA

Anne Sopson

Customer Service Agent

Jonesboro, GA

Marcus Criss

Flight Attendant

Jonesboro, GA

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Seattle, WA

Chuck Tadrzak

Delta Air Lines

Tarentum, PA

Rene Marcotte

Delta Air Lines

Hooksett, NH

Darren Callahan's former colleagues

William Melvin

Sherman And Denison, Texas Area

Denison, TX

Jon Powell

Riverdale, GA

Robert Napoli

Planning Commission Member

Peachtree City Palnning Commission

Peachtree City, GA

Jean Minuta

Washingtonville, NY

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Claudette Harper

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Boeing 737 And 747 Docent Instructor

Hiller Aviation Museum

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Senior Portfolio Manager

Wsfs Bank

Wilmington, DE

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Dallas, TX

James Dorsey


J &M Heating & Airconditioning

Jonesboro, GA

Colleagues in the industry: Airlines/Aviation

Amparo Vega



Jonesboro, GA

Theresa Elliott

Business Consultant

Delta Technology

Jonesboro, GA

Bernie Dupree


Dupree's Bookkeeping

Jonesboro, GA

Ramon Ross

Aircraft Maintenance Technician At Expressjet Airlines

Expressjet Airlines

Jonesboro, GA

Gerald Hurt

Jonesboro, GA

George Ambrose

Jonesboro, GA

Janet Chaffee

Flight Attendant


Jonesboro, GA

Charles Thacker

Jonesboro, GA

Kyice Green

Customer Service Representative Senior

City Of Atlanta

Jonesboro, GA

Kelvin Crespo

Chief Executive Officer

Crespo Properties

Jonesboro, GA

Cynthia Whitfield-Beavers

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Jonesboro, GA

Wanda Bowman

Jonesboro, GA

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