Kathy Molina

Payroll Specialist at Jetblue Airways

industry: Airlines/Aviation

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Bronx, New York, United States



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Payroll Specialist

Jetblue Airways

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Long Island City, NY



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FAQ about Kathy Molina

Which information is available in our database about Kathy Molina?

Kathy Molina is a woman. Bronx, NY is a place where she currently lives.

Which organization is Kathy Molina employed by?

She works for Jetblue Airways, a airlines/aviation industry company founded in 1999 that currently employs 10001+ people.

What career does she pursue?

She is believed to work as a payroll specialist.

What college did she go to?

No information is available about her university degree.

What industries does she have work experience in?

She has expertise in the following professional field: airlines/aviation.

Who else works for the company she is employed at?

According to our database, Kathy Molina has the following workmates: Daniel Collado, an airport operations; Sol Torres, a movement control coordinator; Claudia Acosta, a crew time controller; Abby Acevedo, an inflight crew; Michael Braun, a staff accountant; Steven Roberts, a manager strategic sourcing, technical operations at jetblue airways; Yajayra Bonilla, a ticket agent; Alberto Padilla, a lead materiel specialist; Erick Donis, an airline; Jeyson Bonilla, a pilot; Linda Lebron, an inflight crew memeber; Apple Fernandez, an inflight team leader.

What's Kathy Molina's inferred monthly income?

Our records show that Kathy Molina's monthly earnings are $55,000-70,000. The salary information is provided in accordance with the data analyzed for combinations of specific job titles, regions, and companies.

Kathy Molina's co-workers at Jetblue Airways

Daniel Collado

Airport Operations

Bronx, NY

Sol Torres

Movement Control Coordinator

Bronx, NY

Claudia Acosta

Crew Time Controller

Bronx, NY

Abby Acevedo

Inflight Crew

Bronx, NY

Michael Braun

Staff Accountant

Bronx, NY

Steven Roberts

Manager Strategic Sourcing, Technical Operations At Jetblue Airways

Bronx, NY

Yajayra Bonilla

Ticket Agent

Bronx, NY

Alberto Padilla

Lead Materiel Specialist

Bronx, NY

Erick Donis


Bronx, NY

Jeyson Bonilla


Bronx, NY

Linda Lebron

Inflight Crew Memeber

Bronx, NY

Apple Fernandez

Inflight Team Leader

Bronx, NY

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Piedmont Airlines

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Kathy Molina's former colleagues

Min Pike

Annuity Service Manager

Equitable Life & Casualty

Salt Lake City, UT

Keith Johnson

Fontana, CA

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Nyu Langone Medical Center

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Russell Peck


Civil Air Patrol

Houston, TX

Ruben Vazquez


Air Transport International

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Valerie Jenkins

Director Of Inflight

Virgin America

San Francisco, CA

Colleagues in the industry: Airlines/Aviation

Errol Clarke

Bronx, NY

Sylvia Medina

Bronx, NY

Grace Paka

Bronx, NY

Dewain Campbell

Bronx, NY

Abraham Torrens

Bronx, NY

Kim Bucano

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Diaz Luis

Bronx, NY

Teresa Vasquez

Bronx, NY

Moussa Kante

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People with similar names

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Board Of Education Tutor

Bronx, NY

Kathleen Molina


Bronx, NY

Carina Molina

Bronx, NY

Katia Molina


Bronx, NY

Catherine Molina

Clinical Technician

Bronx, NY

Kathy Molina

Supervisor, Payroll

Long Island City, NY

Catherine Molina

School Teacher

Brooklyn, NY

Kathleen Molina


New York, NY

Katherine Molina

Real Estate Agent

New York, NY

Tina Molina

Queens County, NY

Katya Molina

Realtor Associate

New York, NY